Business Studies Paper on The Birdhouse

Business Studies Paper on The Birdhouse


The Birdhouse is a new product in the market that enables bird farmers to offer decent housing to the birds. Irrespective of the number of birds reared, the birdhouse is designed to contain as many as 15 birds per given area. The house/cage enables you to follow keenly on the condition of the bird all through the day and night. It comes with an added advantage that enables you to feed, clean, and monitor the health condition of the bird without much inconvenience to the birds at any time of day or night. The design of the house is in such a way that the comfort of the birds gives first priority in addition to free movement within the area. The product offers support, satisfaction to the birds, in addition, you enjoy maximum peace of mind while you care for the birds.

High Tech Mechanism

The design of the house is in such a way that feeding the birds is easy and does not cause any problem as the area intended for feeding is spacious, airy, and the opening of the adjacent closure offers enough light. The light from the square openings enables the birds to experience an outside environment within the house without having the trouble of removing them out. The ventilation is well controlled to enable fresh aeration for the birds, both at night and in the day.

The cage comes with its own cleaning mechanism in which the floor and the walls of the house replenish itself upon activation. As a farmer or owner, it does not call for full engagement in the manual cleaning act. The house automates in such a way that you set it to clean itself after a given period, for example, it can be set to clean itself after every 48 hours.

Frequent cleaning enables the birds to enjoy an environment of comfort and good hygiene and then as the proprietor, you do not have to be fully engaged in the day-to-day hustle of cleaning and checking the birds. The feeding, exercise is the most interesting that you will enjoy with the birdhouse. The Feeds are loaded on a trolley like devices on the upper deck of the house and using levers, which control automatically, the feeds, lower to the bird’s level. You do not need to do this manually as the automatic lever sets in such a way that it when the bird’s attempt to reach it; it drops to the bird’s level. The lever is sensitive to any type of movement of the birds making the feeding easy. At no one, time will you forget or bother about the birds lacking feeds. As long as you set the feeds on the feeding trolley, the mechanism is automatic (Pearce, 1).


The product solves most problems that you may encounter in the handling of birds from the feeding, good environment, and healthy status of the house. It will thus solve most problems and challenges you may encounter in the rearing of birds (Mohamed et al, 456). The product additionally controls itself automatically as is set by you as the owner. In the event that something is wrong, for instance, dangerous weather conditions or rough handling, the cage has its own mechanism of alerting you to make changes to the condition of the birds or security status. Such emergencies and notification are relayed through your smartphone as it comes loaded with a special case application software connected to your phone in the event that the bird’s condition is not comfortable




Our product aims at solving most problems faced by bird owners as it comes with the latest technology ranging from the feeding mechanism, security, automated temperature control, and the cleaning mechanism. The above high tech mechanism enables you to remain at peace while keeping your birds as it offers support, satisfaction to the birds, in addition, you enjoying maximum peace of mind while you care for the birds.



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