Business Studies Paper on SWOT Analysis for Fitness Supercenter

Business Studies Paper on SWOT Analysis for Fitness Supercenter


Efficient performance within a company comes as a result of proper interaction of business management with its internal and external environment. It is therefore in order to appreciate internal strengths and shortcomings and also outer open doors and dangers. SWOT examination is a set up technique for helping the definition of system. A properly outlined SWOT will help in the planning of a well-coordinated fitness supercenter


Coming up with Enterprise Resource Planning for the fitness Supercenter. An undertaking asset arranging framework (ERP) is the data spine of an organization that coordinates and robotizes all business operations. It is a basic issue to choose the reasonable ERP framework which meets all the business techniques and the objectives of the supercenter. The ERP will assist in integrating operations from the receptionist, payment point, and instructor giving directions to time allocations for attendees.

Well-designed organizational chart to show hierarchy of management for ease of coordination and seamless flow of activities.

Weaknesses of a Fitness Supercenter

Fitness supercenters are transforming themselves into more efficient, coordinated and user-centered systems. This tendency implies more integrated interoperable and ubiquitous fitness services, a greater and easier access to clients’ records and related information, and to engage clients in their own needs. With this purpose, the information and communication technology should play a more central role in achieving efficiencies and enhancing distributed training systems that should fulfill diverse and frequent update demands. It may be a challenge to synchronize information from all departments ranging from registry, to accounts, to the actual fitness center.


The investigation demonstrates that the organizer (Susan) mostly utilizes basic data stockpiling and recovery frameworks for investigation errands. This shields utilization of actually significantly more propelled frameworks and mean to bolster complex assignments. The capability of these propelled backings must be acknowledged if organizers and framework designers begin to share information and requests and distinguish openings in an agreeable wellness supercenter improvement handle. Without such a procedure, the points of interest and chances of wellness supercenter will stay unexploited.

There is an opportunity to link the supercenter over World Wide Web for access internationally and retrieve information either on web applications or mobile applications irrespective of the level of sophistication of the device.


There is risk of information security especially by intrusion by hackers outside the fitness supercenter network. There is also risk pilferage of information by inside employees.

There exists a challenge of integrating different information systems managing different tasks to communicate seamlessly and point to one database and have synchronization of clients’ details across the world.

  1. Does the proposed system present a strong business case? Why or why not?

The proposed supercenter presents a very strong business case with high successes prospects. The idea of the management to seek the services of an IT consultant is a great move that points to success. In addition, the collaboration witnessed between the IT specialist, Susan and the operations manager points to future team-work which is critical in the course of realizing business success. Again, the initial step to adopt an appropriate information system is a good pointer to success as communication in attaining organization success. The fact that the business case is being designed in order to target the international community is also a key factor that is likely propel the business to greater heights. The international domain offers a wide range of opportunities for the business case hence ease of exploring different market segment.

  1. What fact-finding techniques should Susan and Gray consider during the preliminary investigation? Also develop a list of questions they should include in an employee survey.

Among the fact-finding techniques that should be employed at the initial stage of the project include, elaborate survey among the target clients in order to ascertain their preferences with regard to the services to be rendered. Direct interview with other key stakeholders within the enterprise will also help in finding out various pertinent answers that would help in implementing this project successfully.

Among questions to be included in the employee survey:

  1. What are your expectations in the new venture?
  2. What are your views on the new working terms?
  3.  For each type of feasibility, suggest two questions that will help Susan reach a determination.

This project is market viable even apart from being feasible with regard to organization success and growth. Since the project seeks to represent the immediate interest of the clients, the center is likely to attract a number of clients from different domains globally. In addition, the information system that the team wants to employ is to be another critical factor in the success of the center. An effective communication system should allow for a user interface that enables the specialists to effectively communicate with the clients. This is to help in promoting relatively high levels of satisfaction among the clients.  Among the questions that Susan raise include;

  1. What is the goal of the project in the next 5 years?
  2. What type of personnel does the enterprise need to attain it ultimate goal?