Business Studies Paper on Reply to Business Plan

Reply to Business Plan

The business plan is defined to the specific target market that allows determination of the approaches to be considered in attaining set goals. The determination of the targeted market and audience gives the business plan a defined market entry strategy and definitive action to be considered in ensuring that its activities meet the projected market operations. At the same time, the customers being targeted are varied, which offers the business a bigger variability in terms of market reach and operations. Varying customers and needs allows an organization to grow, establish itself, and even expand in operations through increasing the number of services being offered to the customers.

Another important aspect in the business plan proposal is the background and maintenance of value that defines the business and its culture. The organization bases its operations on health, community culture, and religion. Throughout the proposal, these aspects have been maintained and have been defined deeply to indicate their connection to the services being offered to the clients. Having a defined culture and value system makes it efficient to ensure that the customers and workers get to relate easily with the business.

However, the business plan does not mention some of the competitive advantage services and packages that would distinguish it from the other fitness centers in the region. The business is targeting to bring the gym to the house of the client. However, even with this new approach, there is need for a more detailed approach and information on ways that this service will make a client prefer it to going to a gym. Recommendations could include a flexible package for the customers depending on their targeted goals. This will be measured based on the goals of the client and the duration within which this goal can be attained. Another competitive advantage element that can be integrated in the business plan is flexible pricing.