Business Studies Paper on Hispanics in Positions of Power

Hispanics in Positions of Power

The Hispanics are fast catching up with the other races in regards to positions of power in corporations. Per Schneider & Schneider (2018), the number of Hispanics in Fortune 500 companies’ boards has increased tremendously from 151 in 2012 to 399 in 2015. To understand the cause of this trend better, this essay shall examine two prominent Hispanics serving as independent directors in successful Fortune 500 companies; Antonio Carrillo and Nina Vaca. The paper shall consider their positions, educational background, experience, and other factors contributing to their successes.

Antonio Carillo is the current CEO of Mexichem and a board member at the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group. He has several feathers in cap including being a former Group President at Trinity Industries Inc. Carillo’s academic accomplishments include a Master’s Degree in Business Administration with a major in Finance from the University of Pennsylvania. Carillo initially worked for Mexichem for 17 years before his elevation to the top job. His appointment to the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group board was facilitated majorly by his personal relationship with former board member John Adams and word of mouth recommendation.

Nina Vaca is the chairman, founder, and CEO of the Pinnacle Group, which offers IT staffing, consultation, and vendor management services. Nina is at the pinnacle of the second fastest growing women-owned businesses in America (Adams, 2017). She sits in the board of three Fortune 1000 enterprises, in addition to being well experienced in civic leadership, entrepreneurship, and business ownership. Vaca holds three honorary doctorates from accomplished universities. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Speech & Communication degree with a minor in Business Administration. Her journey to becoming an iconic figure was facilitated by networking, credibility, and exposure gained while serving as a trustee to a major university in Texas.




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