Business Studies Paper on AECOM Technology Leadership

The top leadership in the corporation includes the CEO, Michael Burke, and a 16 member board of directors.The insiders on the board include Michael Burke, board chairman, and John Livingstone, Senior Managing Director of AECOM Capital Real Estate and board chairman(AECOM). The rest of the board members are outsiders holding positions in AECOM and other companies. Other top leaders include Chief Financial Officer, Rand Wotring and Chief Strategy Officer, Kevin Lynch (AECOM). The top leaders have held previous positions in the company before rising to the current position; an example is the CEO who held the position of Chairman before his appointment. Apart from perfect knowledge of the company experience, success in the previous position makes the leaders good leaders (AECOM). The leadership in the company is diverse as it includes women and top leadership position, an example is Mary Finch, the Chief Human Resource Officer (AECOM). The board of directors includes people from different regions that they operate in.

The corporation’s leadership has changed over the years due to the Corporation policy. It also changes due to promotions and restructuring in the achievement of their strategic goal. The following are some of the things that the leaders are doing that make the corporation better. Leaders are ethical, and this is reflected in the company’s operations (AECOM). The leaders participate in company activities an example is Greg Sauter, SVP corporate services, who participated in a conservation marathon, and this was one the factors that attributed their Best Corporate Steward award in 2011(Corporate Citizensip Center). The leadership is also engaging in activities outside the corporations that make the corporation better an example is the women leaders who are part of the Women Leadership Council (Corporate Citizensip Center). The leaders are also taking up roles in the community an example is the provision of water in India, this shows that the leadership is not only benefiting the corporation but also the entire community.



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