Business Studies Essays on Forum Discussion on Amazon

Over the years, amazon has developed its brand through an array of marketing strategies. Easy access to commodities and effective delivery platforms has been central to their operations. The above competitive strategies of amazon has seen the company build a strong customer loyalty base globally (Gupta, and S K, 15)To maintain this global brand and customer loyalty, the company has focused on promotional measures that builds the public image apart from enticing their esteemed customers. Hence sticking to their form of business. In addition Amazon has a number of suppliers who supply their commodities across various continents increasing their efficiency.

Further, the company has tend to stick to the form on online business owing to the exorbitant cost linked to building brick-mortar premises. Physical premises normally attract various forms of contingencies that in the long run increase the cost of operation for entities. Another major aspect of the internet that has continued to boost the revenue growth for the company is the increasing number of subscribers of the company to various internet platforms. Notably, a large population of potential customers to Amazon are the teenage population, and the majority of which are subscribers to different social platforms; areas highly targeted by the company (Gupta, and S K, 5).  For instance, the product of digital music downloads is particularly designed for the young people. It has thus provided an expanded the market for the company hence potential revenue growth.

Amazon continues to explore the ease of heavily diversifying its range of products within the online platform. This has seen the company introduce new products and services that are specifically tailored to meet particular market segments. These strategies have realized the continued web platforms as they are tailored to meet the various market segments hence attracting more customers thus remaining highly competitive.


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