Business Studies Essay on Research Process

Research Process

Research Process

This research process examines a study carried out by concerning financial behavior of people in Umea; and how their allocation of financial assets changed as an influence of the 2008 financial crisis. To begin with, the initial step according to Sekaran and Bogie concerns the theoretical framework. Here the theoretical framework is well organized in its elements flow from one to the next in a dependent manner. The author begins by offering  a list of choice of theories   and then goes down to handle each theory separately ins consistent manner. Moreover, the author categorically defines and elaborates the research hypothesis in these elements in a way that reveals interrelationship of the elements. The author concludes this part by giving a better structured portfolio distribution to wrap up the theoretical framework.

Further, the second step involves the elements of the research design; here each element is handled in a way that reveals consistency. To begin with, in the research design, the authors chose to explore factors revolving around the financial crisis to offer a direction to point out the purpose for which the study was carried out. In essence, the authors sought offer an explorative study, where they analyzed effects as well as the causes of the 2008 financial crisis. At this point, regarding the unit of analysis; the authors used individuals to carry out their study. The authors also employed a time horizon that purely involved cross-section; this implies that they used a cross-sectional study to advance their research (Essner and Rosenius, 2012). Concerning measurement of variables, the authors used a variety of ways to carry out estimation or measurements. For instance, the authors used age, marital status, monthly salary, and importantly, bivariate statistics to make correct assumptions in terms of measurements in the study.    


Essner, N and Rosenius, N. (2012). The Financial Crisis effects on asset allocation. New York, NY: Umeå School of Business and Economics.