Business Studies: Dissertation Chapter Assignment Paper on Not-for-profit organization

Not-for-profit organization

United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) is one of the not-for-profit organizations and is devoted to protecting women’s and children’s rights by helping them obtain their basic needs as well as expanding their opportunities. The organization’s main commitment is to make crucial supplies available, accessible as well as affordable. Supplies are usually essential to meet the rights of children, therefore UNICEF procures supplies to support child survival and growth programs all over the world and which are important for providing young people’s health, education as well as safeguarding them from exploitation, abuse and neglect. In this case, the organization purchases and supplies more than 5,000 products for addressing the child’s needs. In addition, UNICEF procures and distributes important commodities on behalf of a government and other associates in their efforts. Through these procurement services, the organization provides a widespread range of services as well as crucial commodities like vaccines, essential medicines, safe injection materials, diagnostic and medical supplies, micronutrients, bed nets, educational supplies and equipments to supply safe drinking water to the less privileged people.

Operations management plays an important role on non-profit making organizations. The management is usually responsible for directing activities as well as use of resources in order to offer the required services. In non-profit making organizations such as schools and hospitals requires identification of resources essential to achieve their goals. Their resources normally originate from fundraising activities and donors; hence the operations manager is responsible for ensuring that adequate fund raising events take place and that the organization’s resources are supplied where they are most required in the organization such as continuing programs. On the other hand, the operations management liaises with the board members to ensure they are being effective in their operations.