Business Studies Case Study on Public Relations

Several cases that almost crippled the tech giant have been leveled against Apple Company. For example, the corporation has been accused of rights violations in China at its major supplier known as Faxconn. The China Apple branch usually assembles Apples iPhone. Reports indicate that workers were not accorded the right to safe and ethical working conditions at the mentioned workplace. The most serious occurred in 2009 when 14 employees died at the manufacturing facility in China.  It was alleged that poor working conditions and labor practices were the primary motivation for the employee’s deaths. Since then, the company has been under intense scrutiny to improve working conditions for its workers. Similarly, Pegatron Apple companies have been accused of serious violations, including excessive working hours, breach of women’s rights, and environmental pollution. Despite the enormous progress that Apple had made in the market, these incidents negatively affected the company as they tarnished its corporate image. However, Apple responded to these issues by affirming to its consumers that it will take immediate action to rectify the problems. The

global news media unearthed another Apple scandal in Shanghai factory where workers were not given basic health and safety training and had to work for longer than recommended hours during weekdays and weekends. An example of the poor conditions that the firm exposed its human resources to is the overcrowded dormitories with thin beds that the employees endured. The mentioned public relations scandal affected the company’s image and prevented the firm from building a brand that was pure and blameless.

“Why Apple Should Care”

It was necessary for Apple to address the challenges that affected its operations for it to regain the trust of its customers. It is imperative for a corporation to embrace good interrelationship skills to bring together every team member. Doing so makes employees feel that they are worthy in the organization. Cooperation is also imperative as it strengthens a team because it makes members engaged at all levels, which make them contribute positively to the team and organization at large. Another important aspect of collaboration is that it allows leaders impart skills to the employees. The skill is necessary to ensure that employees benefit from a pool of relevant knowledge.


Adoption of Effective Leadership at Apple Company

For over a long period, Apple has been lauded for its leadership styles. Indeed, the enterprise should entrench good practices that can transform it so that it keeps achieving feats.  For instance, Tim cook should enhance innovation at the workplace through cooperation. His leadership style should promote inclusion of all the staff.  In such a situation, many employees are likely to impact the organization positively since they can contribute in different ways to achieve the needed results.

Adopting good leadership skills in the workplace is essential. The result of such an initiative promotes good working conditions in the workplace. Among the benefits that excellent leadership at the workplace promotes include cooperation, trust, and increased performance of the organizational goals. Such benefits can improve a company’s gross profits, which in turn could increase the revenue of the organization. Additionally, good personal interrelationships tend to motivate the employees to work towards achieving the company’s objective. Another aspect of excellent leadership is the capability of finding an effective solution to the organizational challenges that they face.