Business Studies Assignment Paper on Management Tools

Management Tools

            The SWOT analysis is one of the management tools for an organization. This method is used to identify internal factors which include, strengths and weaknesses and external factors which include, opportunities and threats, that an organization faces. When the search engine  google company started, it had a mission of ensuring they were able to organize and provide information that is universally accessible and reliable.

            The origin of the google company began when the  founders of a search engine BackRub were operating in the extend of taking much bandwidth. Later the company registered its domain and had to ensure they apply the company’s mission statement in a better way. The idea of the founders to start a search engine and control the amount of information on the search engine, was an opportunity for the founders put into practice. Executing this business idea by the founders was a great opportunity for the company to make more money and have more internet users accessing their search engine. The company had to fully research carefully on the company’s strengths and weakness, to know how best they can operate the company and make the weakness strengths of the company. However, the company had to point out what needs to be done and put the problems into perspective.

            Taking into action, the Rational Decision Making Model, the Google company will be able to evaluate alternative actions against the business objectives. The company first of all needs to identify an opportunity, and in this company’s case, the founders say that the search engine available was very limited in terms of the information. Therefore, the founders of Google decided to come up with a better search engine that would be used universally. However, the founders had to come up with the best decision to start running the company’s new search engine. With this, the company will be able to make alternative solutions in cases of any temporary failures occurring and choosing the best solution. The company then implements alternative solutions selected by the company’s organization to ensure everything goes perfectly as it should, for the organization to keep in practice its mission statement. Finally, in this process the company evaluates the decision outcomes. That is the organization’s management tries to figure out whether the evaluate alternative solutions benefit the company or need to be changed.

            Organizations should also focus and identify forces that are weak and strong, and come up with solutions that all forces benefit the company. For instance, the google search engine is in the market with other search engines companies, but what the company does to ensure that they remain strong in the market, they need to understand their competitors strategies, ensure that they get quality information from their sources that is better than information from other competing companies, come up with procedures that they would follow in case of introduction of a substitute service provider and ensure that they have the right strategies and services to offer their customers and also new internet users. With this a company is able to be informed easily on current issues, technologies that internet users would enjoy using for instance Google+, and companies ensure that they apply better and more procedures. 

            An business organization that enters into the market to offer unique services or products, should ensure that less of information about how they make their product of best quality should not be disclosed to third parties to ensure the company remains in the market for a longer time.