Business Studies Assignment Paper on Business Ethics

GBK 401 Reflection Journal Two Assignment

Think carefully about your most recent service-learning project and the one you experienced earlier in the semester.

Address the following questions by writing 2 complete and well written paragraph answers per question (each paragraph must be 6-8 sentences in length) that reflect your perspectives.

1. If you did your second project at a different agency, do you view this as a greater or lesser need or impact than your first project (offer at least 2 reasons for your response)?

If you did your second project at the same agency, what different activities did you engage in and what impact do you believe those activities will accomplish?

2. What aspects of both projects did you find most satisfying? Most difficult?

3. If you were in the role of Corporate Responsibility Officer for “Corporation Z,” would you recommend your company support the projects you participated in? Why or why not?

4. Given what you have learned in this course and your service projects, has your view of business’ role in the community changed, and if so, how?

What implications does that have for your career in the future?  Review the grading rubric to see the expectations for your question responses. Formatting Instructions: 

Prepare your assignment as a .doc or .docx document  Save your paper as: “Last Name_GBK401_Journal 2” 

State the actual question you are answering prior to your response.

 Your paper should be in proper APA format, double spaced, size 12 font, Ariel or Times New Roman, with appropriate headers, cover page, and reference page. 

Upload your Journal as an attachment to the assignment link in Blackboard