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Project Manager




July 20, 2017


Project update


This project is based on a product called backpack with a built-in refrigeration pouch and a radio module. This product is well designed to cater for the needs of its customers for offering a radio module for secure communication by the army while on missions as well as built-in refrigeration pouch to help preserve their food while out for work.


Our esteemed customers will be U.S Army, Ground Forces and Special Operations.

Initial program action items

The original program action items include our delivery times as well as quantity. Delivering will be taking place as from September 1st up to March 1st. The rules are that 100 backpacks will be given to Special Operations while the rest of the 100 will be delivered to Ground Forces. When these customers order, delivery is expected to be made immediately to their location. Therefore, as the project manager, I am expecting on-time delivery for all the deliveries that are going to be made. I also expect that every delivery falls under its esteemed budget and there are no wastages whatsoever.

Project Risks / Risk Mitigation strategies

  • Some backpacks may get lost on the way. This problem is to be solved by strict supervision of all deliveries to be made.
  • Production of the backpacks may exceed the planned budget of $1,500,000. This can be reduced by a proper allocation of all funds to ensure there is no misuse.
  • Some workers may delay with deliveries. Strict supervision from all the supervisors is expected to ensure no worker lags behind.
  • Our customers may order less than the planned 100 backpacks. In this case, continued advertising will be required to upgrade the sales and make profits than losses.
  • Project’s plans may fail. Hence, proper management and cooperation from all staff are expected.

Memo Conclusion:

In conclusion, this project is anticipated to be successful. All employees are supposed to adhere to the rules and fully cooperate for success to be achieved.