Business Paper on A Career in Strategic Management

  1. Do you want to become a strategic leader at some point in your career?

I want to become a strategic leader at some point in my career. Not only would I want to lead but also be a successful leader who inspires others to achieve their best. I also desire to head a successful corporation, something that I may only achieve if I have strategic leadership qualities. As Chapter 2 informs, socially awkward geniuses may be responsible for founding and establishing successful organizations such as Facebook and Amazon, but it takes highly skilled strategic leaders to guide these companies into valuable corporations (Hussey 31). Indeed, I envy the ability of strategic leaders,  such as Sheryl Sandberg, to create value. I understand that to attain this level of strategic leadership prowess; I would need to go through a natural progression of the five levels of the leadership pyramid.

  1. Do you agree with the description in Chapter 2 of what a strategic leader should be and do?

I agree with Chapter 2’s description of what a strategic leader should be and do. Leaders have to start at the basic level of being highly capable individuals. Such individuals are capable of making productive contributions through motivation, talent, knowledge, and skills. Having become a highly capable individual, one would need the capability to work well with others towards achieving team objectives (Hussey 35).  I believe that the qualities mentioned above define a contributing team member. Beyond the basic stage, one ought to become a competent manager, who is efficient and effective in organizing resources to achieve preset goals and objectives.  The next phase is effective leadership, which requires a person to be able to present a compelling vision and mission to guide groups of people to achieve superior performance. Finally, the executive level requires building enduring greatness through willpower and humility (Hussey 35).

  1. Whether you want to be a strategic leader or not, describe a goal in your life. If it is not a business or career goal, tell how it relates to your career.

One of my goals in life is to inspire greatness. Whether I will attain the said fete in a position of strategic leadership or not, I intend to build what that will last beyond my lifetime. I would like to begin by challenging existing norms in a particular industry and inspiring people to adopt a different and better perspective, which would inspire people to develop the world. As the leader, I would foster teamwork and collaboration. I would discourage individualism given its potential to impact negatively on shared visions. Having established a successful brand, I would work towards adding value to it while ensuring that it survives beyond the lifetimes of those who oversaw its establishment.

  1. Why do you want to pursue this goal? What might stop you?

The main reason I would like to achieve this goal is that it would contribute to my personal development. Only through achieving this goal would I consider my career success thus self-actualize. I would find satisfaction in the fact that something I took part in founding has become established and that it is transforming lives of people. I would also derive pleasure from helping other people to achieve career growth. Such people would include my colleagues as well as subordinates and interns who would work in my organization.  The hoped-for career growth is partly inspired by successful individuals in business, including Elon Musk and Sheryl Sandberg. The innovative Elon Musk inspires me to create something out of nothing. Sheryl Sandberg, on the contrary, motivates me to drive professionalism to earn an income out of otherwise hopeless situations.

  1. What do you hope to get out of a course in strategic management that might help you overcome the obstacles and reach the goal?

By studying a course in strategic management, I hope to learn what I need to do or not in the business world. I hope to harness my expertise in public relations, management, leadership, as well as human resource management. Additionally, I intend to use an analytical approach in my studies to learn new ideas. By enquiring from skilled professors and professionals in the field, I hope to learn what I ought to do and avoid in my journey to become a strategic leader. I believe that this course will be useful in harnessing my leadership skills and that it will prepare me well to become the type of leader who would drive a modern corporation into success.



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