Book Review on The War Of Art, Steven Pressfield


In his book The War Of Art, Steven Pressfield describes Resistance as the enemy of creativity. He defines resistance as that detrimental force in the human environment that comes when one considers a long-lasting difficult course of action that can do for others or us a good thing (Nazlan, 2013). He further presents a whole list of manifestations of resistance. These forms of resistance can easily be identified by anyone since they exist in us. The first form of resistance that will be discussed is procrastination, it is the most common one, and the easiest to be witness. People have the tendency of postponing activities or tasks that would have been carried out immediately. Another form of resistance is self-doubt. Self-doubt can easily be a friend of someone since it serves as an aspiration indicator. It is also a reflection of love, the love that one dreams when they wish they could be doing something. It is usually observed during career selection, especially when one has mixed reaction.

For a long time, I have been a victim of uncertainty resistance especially when it comes to finding sources. I usually get confused on which is the best answer to a given question. However, when I recall that there is no right or wrong answer it simply depends with how one explains the answer I end up overcoming the force. The type of resistance that has been less applicable to me is self-medication this is because I have learnt to control myself whenever am depressed and set my limits that helps me to avoid stress that could come in different forms (Nazlan, 2013). The quote that I would select is, “Am I a writer? Am I an artist?” possibilities are you are. The fake innovator is self-confident. The actual one is fear of death.” This is because I have always doubted myself and the career I would love to pursue.



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