Book Review on How to win friends and influence people

How to win friends and influence people

Winning or making friends is not a virtue that everyone possesses. This is because there are some individuals who are introverts in nature and cannot social with others. It makes it hard for them to make friends or influence others. In his book titled How to win friends and influence people Dale Carnegie has provided people with the right knowledge on how to make friends, but also equip them with the right skills on how they can influence others. This book is important for individuals who are in the limelight such as church leaders or in the political sector. It can also be used by individuals in business because when it comes to sales, all it entails is influencing people while at the same time winning them as friends to make them loyal customers.  There are several concepts that a person can learn or obtain from this particular book because it offers concrete information regarding ways to influence people and make friends.

First winning over people requires that an individual become a role model meaning that they become a good example for them to follow. “It is the behavior of intelligent people that will attract an individual to them such that when they try to talk to them regarding a certain thing or situation; they can easily win them over (Caprino, 2014, 1).” This is the same trait that politicians have been using for a long period of time to win over the voters. Silverman has stated that “the politicians will only inform people about their values and policies but try as much as possible to win them over through actions (Silverman, 2008 pp 89).”  Most people will judge others based on the ways in which they behave or handle themselves in public or in private

Another value that an individual can learn from the book is regarding honesty and impartiality. A person should be honest to people whenever they make a mistake. They should not try to explain themselves or give excuses but instead take responsibility for their action (Lickerman, 2010). This is one way in which to win over people in the right way and at the same time influence them to be more like you. Carnegie has stated that “after thinking the matter over, honestly and impartially, I concluded that Josephine’s batting average at nineteen was better than mine had been and that I’m sorry to confess, isn’t paying Josephine much of a compliment (Carnegie, 2005, p 123).” This is a clear indication that being sorry is not the best way to influence others because some individuals will not accept it or believe that you truly regret what happened. The only solution is being honest and impartial as much as possible to influence others to believe that you are truly sorry about what happened.

There are several ways in which the knowledge in the book can help an individual in their future with regards to relationships and also in their career. It will help me learn how to make new friends easily and quickly in the workplace. At the same time, it provides me with the right knowledge on winning people by enabling me conform to their ways of thinking which is crucial when holding a leadership position at the workplace. Carnegie has stated that “an individual is able to influence others, it becomes easy for them to get things done because the people within the workplace trust them (Carnegie, 2005 p 112).” Carnegie has also taught the readers on ways in which they can handle complaints or avoid arguments by being honest, remaining smooth and also pleasant. This is the only way in which an individual can be able to arouse enthusiasm among their associates or the workers in a company.

In summary, Carnegie’s book is important because it teaches people on ways to make friends and win over others. This is a virtue that everyone needs and should possess to become successful at the work place. After going through the book, it is easy to acquire several values and virtues that one can apply on their daily life and their careers.


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