Biology Creative Writing Paper on Sandwich Contents and How to Make It Healthier

Sandwich Contents and How to Make It Healthier

The food to be discussed is a sandwich, which is a fast food item that consists of one or more variety of foodstuffs, placed between slices of bread. Here the slices of bread serve as a wrapper that holds the food placed between them. The different kinds of sandwiches contain varying contents of nutrients. Submarine sandwiches contain a high level of carbohydrates. One 216g beef submarine sandwich cooked by dry heat in an oven contains approximately 44.3 grams of carbohydrates. This is equivalent to twenty point five grams for every 100-gram portion. For the Cheese toasted sandwich, about 100g of flatbread contains approximately a calorie level of 270.0 kcal, 24gms carbohydrates, and 18.0gms protein contents. The level of fat is approximately 3.0gms and that of roughage is 2.0gms. Bacon and eggs made sandwich contains a high level of proteins and carbohydrates, cholesterol and fat.

It is important to make this type of fast food healthier since these nutrients play a major role in contributing to the increasing rates of heart diseases and a high level of carbohydrates contributes to the dietary plans of an individual. It is always advisable to lower the rate of carbohydrates from the bread and therefore one should use thin and light size slices of bread. Some bread recommended by dieters contains a lower level of carbohydrates than the white bread. Bacon and eggs sandwich has a high level of proteins of which when taken in excess would extend beyond the recommended level of protein consumption for an individual per day. Additionally, using vegetables together with bacon would add fiber to the meal balancing the calorie level.

In conclusion, taking a bacon sandwich in moderate quantities and in whole white bread would be advisable thus avoiding overconsumption of proteins in the diet. Additionally, the use of lean meat instead of red is recommended since it contains a lower number of calories and as a result, one avoids health complications like obesity and diabetes.