Aviation Research Paper on Boeing’s Integrated Sustainability Model

Boeing’s Integrated Sustainability Model           

Boeing’s airline sought to build the aircraft 777 with the desire to increase commercial and carrier flights from one point to the other across the world. The core concept among the SEEE Integrated Sustainability Model which Boeing considered before undertaking this initiative was mainly economic. The creation of Boeing 777 offered a profitability margin to the company due to its efficient fuel consumption as compared to other models. The company’s goal of economic sustainability was meet by the construction of 777 which combined superior engineering works to use fuel efficiently with offering comfort to the passengers (Boeing: 777, n.d.). With the ever increasing price of fuel in the market, strategic economists project that use of jet fuel for airline companies will be the main overhead. Boeing thus created a flight that would reduce the operating and running cost and increase the revenues accrued to the company.

Economic sustainability being the main consideration, the ethical part received least concern. The reason for least concern was that boeing has already established a strong ethics and compliance culture among the employees. The creation of Boeing 777 would not have affected the behavior of the existing employees in the company. The management team ensured that the risks of the new initiative were reduced as much as possible. The existing structure in Boeing for compliancy with ethical requirements meant that the initiative of aircraft 777 would fall in line similarly to former models. The sustainability model ensures that the organization makes informed decisions that put into considerations the factors that contribute to profitability and customer satisfaction. The ethical core factors were overlooked for this initiative since the 777 would be introduced to the market under existing ethical codes which the company follows keenly.


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