Interaction between people has always been characterized by explicit power relations. Some seek to dominate others, get recognition for championing for good societal values, and still others seek to establish ideas that should ideally guide the society’s way of life. All these aspects depict the expression of power inequality between members of the society. Certain
Niuswise Media is a social media provider and a PR firm that offers communication and Public Relations services to its customers. The media was established on the backdrop of technological advancement in communication and aimed to tap the growing need for communication. It seeks to establish a niche in communication market by providing public relations
In the article “Syria conflict: Amnesty says rich nations failing refugees”, The BBC NEWS, MIDDLE EAST (2014) is alarmed by the Syrian plight raised by Human rights group, Amnesty International which castigates world rich nations for failing to help resettle the languishing Syria refugees, 4 years since more than 3 million and over 6.5 m
Information and Communication Technology or (ICT) as majority would prefer to call it, is today playing major, if not critical role in all aspect of human life and more so, in communication. ICT has touched and will continue to touch and influence human life in the spheres of politics, governance, and economic; social and cultural
Social problems, also known as social issues affect every community in a society may it be small or big. Social problem refers to condition that some people in the community view as being undesirable. Experts identify those conditions which are unsuited with the desired quality of life, and analyze the cause of those situations. Social
River Ganges is also known as Ganga the holiest river in any religion. The Ganges originates from a cave at Gaumukh in the Indian Himalayas. Though regularly polluted, it plays important roles to Hindu community. River Ganges basin extends approximately one million km2 and encompasses parts of India, China and Bangladesh. The river is 2,525km
Early adolescence can be defined as the time between 11 and 15 years. Age of 16 years was calculated using data on birth history. 15 years was used as the cut-off. This is the most common age which neonatal outcomes are most adversely affected. Eliminating child marriage is crucial to eliminate adolescent motherhood which is
USAID (United States Agency for International Development) is the federal government agency for the United States that is charged with the responsibility of administering foreign aid and economic development. It was formed on 3rd November 1961 with the passing into law of the Foreign Assistance Act, 1961.  USAID has over 280 projects spread across the
1.     Introduction The main topic of research is Sport Psychological: An Integrated Approach to Issues Related to Injury in Athletes and their Responses to Cognitive Behavioral Intervention. This paper seeks to develop a guide for research on the topic to be undertaken. It explores the various activities that will need to be undertaken so as
Effective Leadership Trait Working tirelessly Name of Person That Exemplifies Leadership Trait Bill Gates Company Microsoft Corporation Job Title C.E.O Description of How Leader Exemplifies Leadership Trait Bill knew accomplishment doesn’t happen by chance yet exists, also reliably it stays, the topmost of constant work. Lead by excitement; he dedicated most of his time working