Astronomy Paper on the Cosmic perspective on of the Universe and Human civilization



The cosmic perspective has given today’s generation a deeper understanding of the universe. In the ancient days, our ancestors use to look at the sky with no idea of how the things they see are related. The sun, stars and moon to them looked like independent bodies that do not have any relation just like light and darkness. The sunset and sunrise were daily occurrences they could not account for let alone give an explanation. They came up with theories and myths most of which were false. These theories were based on the imaginations of leaders or best narrators in the societies. However, currently, people have universally different understanding of the galaxy (Jeffrey & Megan, 2009).  This assignment discusses how the cosmic perspective has my perception of the universe and human civilization.

The subject of astronomy has been one of the most fascinating and interesting subjects of human existence. Over the years people have strived to gain an understanding of all the mixed up activities that happen in the galaxy. The cosmic perspective has been so instrumental in giving me an insight of what goes on in the universe amidst all these confusion. It has helped me to discover the universe on my own. The issues of motion, gravity, and energy were the greatest eye openers as far as understanding the galaxy is concerned. The assumption that the earth is flat is dispelled immediately one understands that the objects on earth are held by gravity. The effects of motion of other celestial bodies on earth also explain match about the existence of earth. The relation of gravity, energy, and motion has helped me to understand that earth or any other planet cannot exist on their own but with the interaction of other heavenly bodies. This creates in my mind a system of symbiotic relationship within the galaxy. The fact that the heavenly bodies depend on each other makes me imagine that there are more heavenly bodies and maybe there might be another body that mimics the earth (Jeffrey & Megan, 2009).

The science of distance has helped in understanding the possibility of traveling to space. Traveling through space is an exploration process, and much knowledge about our existence is gained through this science. This knowledge has greatly impacted human civilization. Currently, people are working day and night to understand the possibility of traveling through time. In a nutshell, humans want to be faster than the speed of light. All these need to come so fast about due to the understanding of the ability to traveling through different gravitational forces, some of which are stronger than the earth’s gravity (Freedman & Turner, 2003).

Moreover, more people are considering taking their excursions, honeymoons and vacation in the space. People are considering inhabitation of other bodies within the universe. With these, a look at the future portrays a picture of earth and the rest of the universe becoming a global village. Humans are considering reaching the extreme levels of civilization by making look like just another town within the earth’s atmosphere. There is no higher civilization that we achieve that is greater than making every part of the universe be like home. The knowledge of the dark matter and the fate of the universe is the most threatening to human existence. The cosmic perspective has helped me understand that there shall come a time when all that we have on the earth will be destroyed and the earth shall be no more (Freedman & Turner, 2003). 



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