Astronomy Paper on Ancient Aliens and Extraterrestrial Life

Astronomy Paper on Ancient Aliens and Extraterrestrial Life

The theory of ancient astronauts is basically a pseudoscientific idea grounded on the beliefs that there are extraterrestrial beings that made visitations to the earth thousands of years ago and even interacted with humans. It is believed that the aliens had superior skills and knowledge in scientific engineering; hence, they assisted ancient humans to make early civilizations with their expert skills leading to shaping up of the human history (Hamilton, Sue L; The concept of ancient aliens was coined by Von Daniken who claimed that there are plenty of evidence to show that during the historical times there were supernatural beings that made regular visitations to the earth (|Ancient Aliens). I find the ancient aliens’ assertions interesting considering that current studies show that Earth could be the only planet that supports life. Therefore, this essay explores pseudoscientific idea of ancient astronauts by examining its evidences and drawbacks. However, I tend to disagree with most the evidences given; hence, I believe that it is just an interesting science fiction and not a true story.

In his book ‘Chariots of the Gods’ published in 1968, Daniken provides two key pieces of evidence that space visitors came to the earth and shared important technological civilizations with prehistoric humans. First, he points out to various religious text messages in ancient grounds whereby humans attest to their involvement with astronomical beings who descended from space using early machines that look alike to the modern spaceships. These aliens were not only historical geniuses but also possessed spectacular and supernatural powers that helped them in their traveling back and forth to earth.  Another evidence involves the physical works of earth in various points on the planet whose architectural designs reveal alien-like shapes (|Ancient Aliens).

The modern society has also seen various scholars and scientists come up with pieces of evidence to support the pseudoscience that the earth received space travelers as visitors in the historical past. There are plenty of structures, texts, and shapes in the museums that depict early alien visitation and they include; A Dogū figurine in Japan seen as a shape of an ancient astronaut, Mesopotamian cylinder seal that indicates alien involvements in historical civilizations, and  Helicopter hieroglyphs in Egypt that suggest flying vessels used by the ancient sky visitors (Stiebing, William H). There are also plenty of pseudo-documentaries that attest to the fact that supernatural beings existed. According to Prometheus Entertainment’s documentary on Ancient Aliens, sheds light on extra-terrestrial visits by exploring some of the mysterious places on the planet. The Bermuda’s Triangle, The Zone of Silence, and the Gate of the Gods are the key places identified by the documentary as being the entry and exit points by the ancient aliens (Prometheus Entertainment).

The Bermuda’s Triangle is a region in the Atlantic Ocean from points in Miami, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda characterized by supernatural phenomenon whereby planes and ships disappear into oblivion. Investigators who have observed the place have also seen mysterious lights in the region. The Zone of Silence in North Mexico is another bizarre location whereby nothing seems to work there; whether radio or phone signal. Almost everything in this place is strange as evidenced by mutated plants and animals and even strange rocks. On the other hand, the Gate of the Gods is a location in Lima, Peru that has a structure believed to be a gate to nowhere. Speculations reveal that the gate was used by the gods to travel to space. These three locations appear to be in line on the global map; hence, they are believed to be portals used by ancient visitors from the sky in their travel by acting as guiding points (Prometheus Entertainment).

But then, theorists regarding ancient visitors have come forth with strong points that make me see some logic and reason. First, the artifacts and various ancient structures have writings on them acknowledging alien visitations, and they don’t appear fake. Also, as seen in the documentary by Prometheus Entertainment, there are reasonable facts such as the observations made in the Zone of Silence, Bermuda’s Triangle, and the Gate of Gods. Reasonable questions include; why do these locations appear to be in line with each other? Why are there strange observations in these locations? Why do vessels disappear in the Bermuda’s Triangle, and why does the Zone of Silence have strange animals and plants, plus inactivity in radio and phone signal?

However, there are red flags that are associated with the evidence presented as proof that the earth received ancient astronauts. First, the artifacts and structures could be merely a work of art by the ancient people. Second, the theorists behind the ancient alien assertions do not explain the origin of these aliens; where did they come from? Which plane? What did they look like? Third, the observations made in the three documented locations could merely have strange happenings because of the earth’s electromagnetic forces. Besides, no one for sure can substantiate that they are portals used by aliens in the past, it is just a matter of opinion. Finally, a key argument would be to question if at all these aliens existed, where are they now? They should be visiting the earth just like in the past, and they could have enhanced current civilizations as well.

In conclusion, I find that the ancient alien story does not add up. This is because there is no scientific proof behind it and if it were true, terrestrial beings would be visiting the planet even now. I see no possibility that they visited the earth long time ago and put a stop to that, if the arguments for this theory are true, the would be frequent visitors to check the state of affairs especially civilization because they are alleged to have taken a significant part in historical civilizations by helping ancient humans. The ancient alien claim is basically an interesting story, and even if anyone believed it, there are no bizarre consequences that may affect them.


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