Astronomy Homework Paper on Article Review

Article Review

Anthropogenic forces on the global system have risen to a level whereby unexpected international environmental modification cannot be left out anymore. A fresh advance to global sustainability has been recommended whereby planetary boundaries are classified within which it is anticipated that humanity may function in safety. Transgression of a single or many planetary boundaries might be harmful or tragic because of the danger of crossing thresholds that can elicit nonlinear, rapid environmental alteration in the continental to planetary-level schemes. Nine planetary boundaries have been discovered, and with respect to scientific comprehension, quantification has been suggested for seven of them. They include climate change, stratospheric ozone, ocean acidification, land system change, and biogeochemical nitrogen among others. No boundary point has been established for atmospheric aerosol loading as well as chemical pollution.  

It has been established that humankind has already overstepped three planetary boundaries, which encompass the level of biodiversity loss, modification to the international nitrogen cycle, and climate change. Planetary boundaries have been proved to be interdependent as the transgression of one might change the situation of another or end up transgressing others. The social control of the transgression of planetary boundaries will be a task of the social-ecological pliability of the influenced societies. The recommended boundaries are uneven, just approximations, and enclosed by doubts and knowledge gaps. Bridging the gaps demand major improvements in the system and resilience discipline. The suggested perception of planetary boundaries sets the basis for switching one’s approach to management, as well as control past fundamentally sectoral assessment of confines of development geared toward the reduction of negative externalities and evaluation of secure space for human advancement. Planetary boundaries identify the limits of playing fields for the human race in terms of guaranteed evasion of main human-related environmental change on an international level.