Assignment on Significance of the Cold War

Significance of the Cold War

The Cold War was important because it gave the Truman administration a comprehensive strategy for confronting the Soviet Union and winning the Cold War. The Cold War era provided a chance for rationalization of global anticommunists’ actions. Basic changes, by which countries would conduct international relations, were outlined during the cold war; the era is therefore regarded as a background for determining how different countries would relate with one another. During this era, the Truman administration attempted to strengthen itself on both domestic and international fronts. The cold war is a significant period in which the Fission bomb capability and thermonuclear bomb capability of Soviet Union greatly increased the Soviet Union threat to security of the United States. This period was a wakeup call for the United States to get ready and prove to its citizen that in case of war, it could be able to survive an initial blow and eventually attain its main objectives.

How the U.S Saw their Function in Cold War

The U.S. perceived their function as that of protecting many countries that could not defend themselves from the Soviet influence. Their position of power placed heavy leadership responsibilities on them.

According to the U. S., it was within their mandate to organize and enlist energies, and resources to frustrate Kremlin design for world domination. The United States endeavored to achieve their general objectives through methods that were short of war. One of their major roles was promotion of the gradual retraction of undue Russian power and influence, and encouragement of attitude among the Russian people in a bid for modification of current Soviet Union behavior.