Assignment on Business Company

Business Company

Microsoft Inc has been forced to eliminate its design for Windows XP due to the recent Cyber attacks. This case has raised much security concern on the company’s technological platform. The increase in cyber attacks leads to increased customer support costs that become huge targets for new security invasions and vulnerabilities (Camp, 2011). The research proposal will seek to discuss and investigate the security problems facing Microsoft. The security risks are critical, since they might expose customers’ sensitive information and HR records to unauthorized persons.

Some of the possible solutions to the security problems at Microsoft include developing cost effective platform of IT security procedures and interventions. The IT security procedures are useful in ensuring that the company does not incur much loss from the security vulnerabilities. Secondly, the development of long term IT strategic plans is necessary. It helps in laying down future strategies and policies of dealing with inherent IT challenges in the company (Drinkwater, 2013). The strategic plans help to ensure that all departments take part in providing a lasting solution to the security challenge. Thirdly, it is necessary to implement more innovative and advanced firewalls and preventive measures. This helps Microsoft to deal with any inherent IT challenges and problems in order to promote security.

 Lastly, I would like to undertake further research and investigation on the available solutions to the inherent security concerns facing Microsoft. It would be a huge opportunity to understand the nature and possible ways available in dealing with the inherent security technological concerns in the company. Most importantly, it would develop strong research findings on past research and discussions. Therefore, the security problems at Microsoft are a major problem in the business world that are essential to investigate in order to support business development and integrity in the society.


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