Arts Homework Paper on Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa

The facts about art are presented by an agreement between what an individual sees and his ability to interpret the massage of the picture. In most cases, the arbiters of art include museum curators who spend most of their lifetime being critical of what they see and interpret the messages therein. Art can be used to give different messages to various individual in the society and to preserve culture. However, different people have distinct interpretation of the message the artist is conveying though the pictures. In my recent search of ancient art over the internet, I came across one of the famous paintings done by the renowned Italian artist, Leonardo da Vinci. The art can be found in different sites including the Italian Renaissance Organization website. The organization is known for the safeguarding of Italian culture through art, pictures, and other forms of cultural preservation. The website gives a clear image of the art that enables the audience to assess the different styles and messages that the artist conveys. As such, this study will give the researchers interpretation of Mona Lisa and the in-depth message of the art.  

Fig 1: Mona Lisa art


Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa

The Mona Lisa picture is one of the unique arts that give the audience, as well as other artists, the importance of creativity in paintings and how to capture the attention of the audience.  What captured my attention in the art is the beauty of the woman in the picture and the calmness in her face despite the turbulent weather behind her. In real life, anybody in the same situation would be scared and would take the picture in a hurry. However, Mona Lisa seems calm and confident in the art. The picture thus gives a sense of hope to the audience and urges them to have courage in any situation that they may face in life.

  Mona Lisa’s facial features depict that of a real and mature woman. From the art, her skin appears smooth and well maintained, her hair well dressed, and her body properly covered. The picture further helps me to understand women’s dress code in ancient Italy and the importance of maintaining culture across the different generations. In my view, the art conveys different emotions including melancholy and romance. Additionally, she gives a gentle smile full of love and affection which can be interpreted as a ray of hope to the audience. The beauty of the art and the facial expression of the Mona Lisa helps me understand how love can defy other odds and stand out as the principal factor in any art.  The artist is thus successful in presenting the theme of love in the art by using the natural features of Mona Lisa including the dress code and the facial expressions.

 In summation, the art presents a different class of creativity among artist and their level of innovation in trying to convey different messages. The art gives me hope and helps me appreciate natural beauty especially in the ancient Italian culture. I like how the artist has used a different background to adequately portray confidence as one of the major themes in the art. The background explains a lot about the ancient Italy including the level of development and their economic activity. In my opinion, Mona Lisa is a remarkable art that enables the artist to give more messages from one picture. To me, one can derive different emotional responses more than other pieces of art I have analyzed. I think the art gives a new revolution in art and a better method of cultural preservation

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