Article Review on Bill Gates Plan in Supply Chain

Bill Gates Plan in Supply Chain

There are two main types of players involved in the supply chain that is partners that provide services and those that receive the services. Regardless of the parties, the article underpins the significance setting clear goals and measuring results as significant elements in supply chains. These two components enhance organizations and other entities ability to evaluate the effectiveness of their designs and initiatives. I do agree with Bill Gates that measurement or results in a given project are significant in enhancing the human condition. Generally, great progress can be attained if people learn to map out clear goals and establish a measure that will trigger the progress of attaining the set goals. Moreover, measurement of the results in a supply chain can only be determined through effective delivering of the impact to the target populations. For example, an innovation like vaccination campaign is rendered ineffective unless it reaches the target populations, that is the people who need it.

The author claims to have experienced several instances of how measurement has been applied to make a difference in projects affecting many lives, for example, in Colorado school and the health post in rural Ethiopia. The key function of the Bill Gates foundation is to support these efforts. Despite the difficult economic times and tight budgets for nations and other global foundations, the most important element is learning from the steam engine perspective, which is setting clear goals and establishing a measure that triggers progress in attaining the progress.

The author provides several examples of how these two major elements have led to the success of projects undertaken globally, for instance, the attainment of effective health services in Ethiopia as part of the Millennium Development Goals and the success of Polio vaccination globally. These project’s success is as a result of effective components of mapping out clear goals and measuring tools employed. Bill Gates attributes the success of the projects to the model of the steam engine that took place a long time ago.

What Does It Take to Make a Running Shoe?

Running shoes or commonly referred to as sports footwear are known to be costly globally. Many people have raised concerns as to why it is so expensive to manufacture running shoes. Other issues raised entail the kind of cash the brands and stores generate from the footwear.  The article tries to break down these concerns by defining the precise expenses that are involved in producing exact models, and the amount of profits the production organizations and other entities involved in the business eventually end up making. This is because it is apparent that the manufacturing costs only accounts for only part of the overall cost.

There are several economic terms entailed in the process that will help us understand better the whole process. For example, by citing the FOB cost, the merchant implies that they will cater for the transport expenses for all the finished shoes until the shipping port. That means that the goods are free of charge until that point. Nonetheless, once the shoes are on board, it is no longer the supplier’s cost but the buyer.

Generally, the article provides a general synopsis of the cost arrangement of the running shoes despite the extensive operational production and supply process involved. In the article, it is apparent that the $5.00 consignment charge covers all the expenditures entailed. Correspondingly, these figures are centered on Adidas and Nike’s business production, which has different size ranges. This means that for a smaller business unit trading in footwear, the price implication will be different. For a small importer, for instance, warehousing expenses can be applicable both in the nation of origin as well as at the port of entry. This means that the importer might be required to cater for all the warehousing expenses while waiting for the container ship date in addition to the expenses incurred at the receiving port if the imports stay longer as a result of customs clearance buildup or shortage of proper paperwork. Other regulations of import taxes also apply depending on the country of import.

Therefore, the article provides that a smaller business unit will not be in a position to negotiate advantageously the CBM rates with the clearing forwarder. Furthermore, the small business unit will also suffer from the average processing and paperwork expenses, which are spread over a smaller number of pairage hence increasing the landed charge. Nonetheless, many of the components do not apply for large footwear entities. This is because they have huge capacity and astute negotiations methods to make certain freight productivity. For instance, a benefit in retail sales does not in any way impact on the landed cost but only the margin.

Dead Poets Society Movie Review

The movie takes place in classroom setup involving students and a teacher. The teacher suddenly climbs on top of the table and asks students why he is standing on the table instead of the normal floor position. None of the students would answer. In his explanation, the teacher explains that to students that it is a demonstration to remind them that they need to be dynamic in life. He reminds the students that life cannot be looked at from one angle and encourages the students to always to things look at things differently the same way things can be seen different from the top of the table and on the ground.

The teacher goes ahead and invites students to experiment by climbing on the top of the table. In the movie, the teacher also reminds the students that when they think that they know something, they always need to look at the same thing from a different perspective. Even though that might appear stupid or silly, it is the best thing to be done.

Moreover, the teacher also explains to the students that whenever they read something, they must not only be satisfied by the author’s thoughts but also try to think about the author’s ideas in a different manner. The students need to find their own perception of everything that happens around them.

Generally, in the movie, the teacher tries to encourage the students always to come out and find a new ground and interpretations of things from different perspectives and not as they are. Despite the fact that the teacher is comical, he offers life teaching lessons to the young boys. He explains to the young men that many men have struggled in life simply because of their inability to look at things beyond the way they appear. The teacher encourages the students that one cannot go far in life with a stiff neck or looking at things at a particular angle. In the same manner, the world looks different while the teacher is standing on the table as compared to while he is on the ground; he encourages his students to look at what happens around them from different angles in order to get clear meanings and understanding.