Are College Degrees Beneficial or a Waste of Money?

Literature Review

With so many dissenting opinions, it can be difficult to decide whether or not the benefits of a college degree justify the costs. However, Roy and John (2012), suggest that individuals with a college degree are much more likely to enjoy a host of life-long benefits than individuals without a college degree. This is in contrast with Brian (2018) who argues that there are some individuals who are not only academically bright, but have high aptitude for technical and creative thinking, hence will achieve much in their life’s unlike attaining a college degree.

Are College Waste of Time?

For many people, college can be a waste of time and money since too many people are going to college because they agree with the great American myth: college is for everybody and happiness and wealth rely on a college degree. The problem with college degrees, in line with Brian (2018), is that, college students spend hundreds of hours studying subjects irrelevant to the modern labor market. In Brian’s eyes, most students spend a lot of time learning stuff that does not count because the lecturers are not prepared to teach actual job skills (2018). It is a terrible idea to fork out huge sums of money to study irrelevant topics taught by teachers who, while certainly well meaning, are not making students job-prepared. Brian further states that college degree is not a good investment from a social point of view, because the main reason why people get big wage premium, is not primarily that they are actually learning many useful skills in college (2018).

Are College Degrees Beneficial?

Despite spending a lot of money and time in college, college degree is a down payment of success since it helps students realize their career and life goals.  Roy and John (2012) state that College offers many benefits that cannot be measured by financial costs, but unless the student has high academic ability, self-control, motivation, and the ability to concentrate, college can be a frustrating and disappointing choice. Aside from training one in an expert field, college trains people to think analytically, understand complex subjects, and communicate their own critical ideas. It also instills crucial skills like organization, self-discipline, and the ability to complete tasks. College molds people into more professional individuals.

The research had a significant relationship between attending college and wasting time as well benefiting from the college degrees. However, this makes it difficult drawing a conclusion whether college degrees are beneficial or a waste of money. This is because college degrees can be good to some people such as those training to become lawyers as well a waste of money to others like those willing to become entrepreneurs




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