Applying Management Functions in Managing Life Essay

Applying Management Functions in Managing Life

The four functions of management include leading, organizing, controlling and planning. These have established the management process which is highly effective in the management of different types of organizations including small and privately owned organization as wells as regional, multinational and national corporations. It is possible to apply these functions of management in different aspects of human life in order to enhance the attainment of goals in the desired way. In this paper, I describe how I employed management functions in managing a soccer team of the youths in Madinah city in Saudi Arabia. The paper also describes the important role played by these functions in enhancing participation of the team as well as the eventual performance at the time of the league tournament of Madinah soccer.

Planning being a management function entails establishing goals for a team as well as formulating strategies that will be used to achieve these goals. To undertake this function, one must be sufficiently knowledgeable about environmental conditions which are likely to be faced as well as the future conditions that are expected for the future. It involves identifying opportunities as well as analyzing the most appropriate actions to take in order to exploit them. I saw an advert inviting teams that play soccer when I was 23 years old. This advert was inviting early teenage individuals to take part in the soccer league of the Madinah city. I came up with a strategy using the planning function that enabled me to establish a soccer team in the local area comprising of the neighborhood teenagers. On realizing the participation opportunity as well as forecasting the future predicaments that were likely to emerge from participating in this league, I came up with a framework for enabling me to achieve the goal of participating and realizing excellence in this league. To achieve this, I had to identify individuals who could facilitate the creation of a soccer team, establishing goals for the team as well as the strategies that would make achieving these goals possible.

Organizing as a management function entails developing the structure for an organization as well as arranging tasks, resources and people in order to accomplish certain work or objectives. The aim of this function is to ensure coordination of work efforts in order enhance goals’ attainment. While establishing a soccer team, organizing function entailed establishing different ways via which this team would be managed. As such, organizing involved tasks allocation to the team members as well as other vital stakeholders who included the parents of the teenagers who supported the participation of the children in this league.

Image 2 I also organized a training program for five months whose aim was to identify various talents of the young members of the soccer team. I allocated different positions to team members as per the skills that they demonstrated in enhancing proper coordination of the team effort after training. Additionally, organizing function entailed ensuring that adequate materials, facilities and equipment required for training were provided to the team. This enhanced performance. I was responsible for ensuring that adequate training materials were provided to the team including training gear and soccer balls.

Leading function involves directing, influencing and motivating people in a group so that they can accomplish the shared goals. Leading as a function within any organization focuses mostly on subordinates’ energizing so that they can improve productivity. I derived leading function from the position that I held as the coach of the team. My responsibilities included guiding and motivating members of my team so that we could meet the ultimate goal which was to win the soccer league’s trophy. For me to do this effectively I had to discover the inspiration and motivators of team members in order to enable the team to get the trophy. I enhanced personal relationship between me and team members to understand what motivate them and their personalities. I did this while telling them how important their teamwork and individual contribution was towards the success of the team in achieving its goal. I ensured the involvement of every team member while making decisions of the team regarding issues that were affecting them. This imparted a feeling of being appreciated and valued in them. As such, their commitment improved and this enhanced the ability of the team to win the league’s trophy.

Controlling function entails ensuring that organizational performance maintains the set standards. It involves performance monitoring in the organization as well as comparing actual performance with the set standards as well as taking corrective measures when necessary in order to ensure that the set goals are attained. As the coach of this team, my controlling entailed establishing performance and training standards in order to ensure that the team was competitive. I monitored the training strategies as well as the performance of the team closely in every match played against competitors. I also came up with strategies for enhancing the playing tactics as well as strategies for winning subsequent matches.

Team performance was enhanced by the integration of the four functions of leading, organizing, controlling and planning. The team secured a second position and this made all team affiliates proud. Although I acquired skills when I served as the captain of the soccer team in high school, I also improved my skills as the founder as well as the coach of the teenagers’ soccer team. Nevertheless, my organizing requires improvement more so in relation to allocation and sourcing resources that include finances. This will prevent negative effects on the team. I should also improve strategic planning in order to realize long-term goals more so in the situations where uncertainties are involved.

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