Anthropology Assignment Paper on Summary of the evolution of language in the Christian context

Summary of the evolution of language in the Christian context

The original language that people spoke was a language of the heavenly being. Before man was created the heavenly Beings used to talk a language that man could understand, but he sinned and ate the forbidden fruit. In the garden, God used to visit and chat with Adam during his free time. After the fall of man when he ate the cursed fruit, he was chased out of the garden and an angel (another super being) was placed to guard the land. When man was in the countryside where other people existed, they deliberated to build a large tower to reach where the super being lived. As they were building, the super being who was the author of the language confused their language such that each talked his own language thus stopping the building. This led to the dispersion of the people and the present different languages in the world evolved.


Why was the tower of babel unfinished? What was the aim of its construction? During the times of the bible, men used to talk in one language  and they decided to build a tower that could reach heaven. As they progressed, the heavenly being could hear them talking. It should be noted that the author of the language was the Supreme Being because he made man and the other beasts of the land, air, water but gave man some extra thoughts and sense of speech. He had promised man an eternal living provided he does not violate his rule of not eating the fruit that was planted at the center of the garden where he lived.

Satan deceived the woman who in turn deceived the man and they ate the fruit which resulted to them being chased out of the land.  When man was chased away from the land, he met other men who decided to build a tower that could reach heaven. This tower was called the tower of Babel (Ofrat 68).

The heavenly beings, or the authors of the language saw the sinister motives of men and decided to stop the construction and since they could not force them to stop, they decided to create other languages and they gave them to men in a supernatural way such that nobody was able to communicate with the other at the beginning. After the confusion ensued, the tower of Babel had to stop. Those who spoke one language saw the other as the cause of sabotage and they left. The whole of the builders dispersed each going their ways, thus forming the current diversification of different languages (Becker Bottom of Form



No theory can be proved to be true in regard to the evolution of language. The Afrikaners used to speak their language but after colonization, they were forced to learn the language of the colonizers, likewise to other colonial jurisdictions. This theory holds sense in that man came from a definite place. What led to his dispersion is what is not known and this theory explains the reason. Geographical location may not explain language, but color because if people came from the same place, then they could have different color but the same language. This theory at the same time holds some truth because if men were once living together, and an external factor affected their language, it is only obvious that those who were talking the same language each, went to their own location thus explaining why we have different languages.

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