Admission Essay for Accounting Master’s Program

Admission Essay for Accounting Master’s Program


Education is a continuous process that never ends unless someone decides by choice that he/she is not pursing any further studies. I am among those individuals who value education because I believe it to be the key to achieving the kind of life that I want in the future. On the other hand, everyone has his or her own career objectives, based solely on self-understanding.

Why I am pursuing MBA

The reason for pursuing MBA at this point of my life is to have a worthwhile future. I want to ensure my academic experience to be well-polished which will give me additional advantage while looking for work in the near future. An MBA will also make me competitive in the accounting field while at the same time make me fit for my next project in life, which is studying CPA. I believe that the MBA will equip me with the needed technical skills in accounting. It will also help me in relation to analytic skills such as strategic planning and corporate strategy while at the same time enable me to acquire interpersonal skills that I may use to motivate finance and sales experts.

Key actions and Preparation for my career

Upon graduating with my MBA, I intend to work as a tax accountant. It is because I have the sufficient knowledge on this particular profession and field of study. I have already done my intern on tax accounting where I managed to perform various duties such as preparing payroll tax and sales tax reports, reconciled all bank and credit card transactions, entered tax return information into computers for processing while at the same time prepared a corporate tax-related documents. All these work experiences achieved during my intern enabled me to develop a strong urge and desire for this particular career; thus, I intend to continue pursuing it with the hope to work in a financial institution while in the long run build my own financial institution where I can help people with their financial issues including taxes.

The other ways in which I have prepared for my career is also working in a Fashion industry company though still as an intern. I have managed to do some bookkeeping, proper accounting, bank transactions, matching invoice orders, posting cash receipts, charge backs, and payment journal among many other jobs.  The education I have acquired since high school until now is crucial because it should allow shaping my career paths.

Selecting another career (Animation design)

I prefer accounting but if I was asked to select another professional path, probably I could have pursued animation design. It is because I believe this is the most sort out and marketable careers at the present moment. Nevertheless, my preference for designing is also reason enough that would have made me choose this career. Many people have commented positively every time I create visual effects or draw animations. Through the proper learning, I could have achieved the required techniques to create animation video games or mobile devices even Autodesk3ds. All I had to take apart from the animation design was attend computer programming class.

A song that describes me

I believe am an enthusiastic and smart individual with the ability to achieve everything I want in life as long as I put extra effort. Regardless of my Chinese background, I still believe that I can conquer my dreams in any part of the world or in any learning institution. The song that best describes me as an individual is titled “Harder” by Daft Punk and according to the lyrics, I have to make it and do everything possible to make do it. It is about possessing the sufficient strength to make it in life.