A qualitative study on the role of patient-nurse communication

According to researchers in the recent past, it is evident and true on the presumption that each and every qualitative nursing study give almost the same matching analysis if conducted appropriately with no room for errors. For instance, based on the findings of the study of patient-nurse communication, it is apparent that each and every investigator carrying out the analytical study will end up with the same answers as while the same psychoanalysis (2011).

This is because the data leading to the similarities is collected on the same platform which means patients are asked questions and way about all answers match above average. According to the nursing lectures in various learning institutional, communication is essential between the two subjects; that is the nurse and the patient. Why is it that important? This is one question that is asked when a qualitative study on the role of communication in nursing is conducted in each and every corner of a State or a nation (2016). The central reason behind this is that it enhances a positive relation which no doubt a factor that highly results to the delivery of quality nursing care. In the past, nurses were described to be poor communicators and via research, it was noted that the communication skill had to be introduced to the nursing syllabus to help curb the issue. When this hermeneutic phenomenological approach is used it is evident that samplings done and interviews conducted always direct to the argument that friendly nurses are the best performers due to their perfect communication skills.

Most of the health facilities in the recent years have concluded that to ensure that patient receive quality nursing care the patient-centered communication should always be a consideration, not an option.



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