A Cover Letter for Exploration Geologist

A Cover Letter for Exploration Geologist

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Dear Sir,

Re: Assistant Exploration Geologist

I at this moment apply for the position of Assistant Exploration Geologist as advertised in a Geology magazine on 29 July 2017. I chose your M company since its missions and vision are aligned with my long term career objectives.


I have completed a Bachelor’s in Geosciences at the University college of S with a course work that entails geochemistry, soil quality and minerals, hydrogeology, water treatment, chemical, machinery, geological mapping, exploration design and drilling. Therefore, I possess skills in resource processing, mining and various investigations at both surface and underground. Also, I had two month of experience in fundamental and applied research, planning and reporting on geological sciences with a focus on in field work studies in different localities. However, I need to expound on such skills to a high scale to improve my skills on geological exploration.


Regarding leadership qualities, I held different leadership positions coupled with the course work activities. All these engagements and internship experiences have prepared me for the thorough and rigours that comprise the position advertised above. Therefore, I am confident and determinant that I would deliver to the company.


The position of exploration geologist is essential to me since I am interested in soil quality and control of the underground resources for human protection. I have also gained skills in programs such as ArcGIS, AutoCAD, MS Office suite, MapInfo. Besides, I am a team player and enjoy the responsibility of any duty.


My career achievement, I long to gain vast experience in research and exploration of the contamination levels, exposures and impacts of such impurities on geological components concerning human health. Furthermore, I am determined to gain experience for my master degree in geological engineering focusing on the conservation and protection of both surface and underground geological resources.


During my two month internship in W company, I got an award for an exemplary work on exploration and investigation of ground resources besides drafting the best methods of implementing environmental regulations in geology. Due to my leadership qualities, I was appointed the attaché’s representative at the institution and was responsible for planning and issuing locations for all the attachés in all the project investigations. On a similar version, My manager commended me for the effectiveness and perfect work especially on the preparation of the reports as well as proper identification of drilling locations. Besides, my project manager preferred delegating to me duties such as evaluation of different strategies and project correspondences with geological regulators of the company.


A part of the academic work that I have indicated in the letter and attached my resume gives further elaboration of the different abilities, expertise and knowledge regarding communication and writing skills, report writing skills and data collection and analysis related to the geological assessments. I currently view myself as a confident and experienced, enthusiast and committed a person who can successfully conduct an exploration in geology which makes me the most qualified candidate for the exploration geologist position. Please check my application letter, recommendations and resume attached as a testimony to my experience and invitation for an interview. Please contact me at (X) telephone number and mmrpt@gmail.com.


I look forward to meeting with you to give more information.