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Writing Comparative Essay:Iphone versus Galaxy Smartphones


Iphone versus Galaxy

Mobile phones are an integral part of human life. Mobile phones have undergone transformation as a result of advancement in technology from huge brick like shaped to stylish and small Smartphones which have vastly become leading computing devices throughout the globe. There are more than 1 billion Smartphone users in the world and this market is still undergoing growth. Because of this, a war has been promoted between Apple and Samsung. Apple used to be the leading manufacturer of mobiles like iPhone attracting a large customer base but the death of Steve Job, the founder coincided with its decline in volume sales. Samsung Galaxy series on the other hand has enjoyed increased sales in volume. Consumers are often town between superiority of these two Smartphones. The two are compared in terms of operating system, display resolution, internal storage and form factor (Carare 294). I believe Galaxy series are far better than the iPhone series.

Galaxy series S1 and S4 are designed with polycarbonate (plastic) which enhances the ability of swapping the battery out. IPhone series on the other hand are designed of glass and aluminum making them fragile. The plastic material of Galaxy series is what makes them better since they can handle rough usage. S4 has a super 5.8 AMOLED screen with a high pixel density of 441 pixels per inch as compared to the iPhone which has 326 pixel per inch. Because of this, the Galaxy series has high resolution effort. What is more, Samsung colors are also more saturated and visible. With 1080p screen, Galaxy also offers an option that is better for playing games and watching movies (MAgid para 2). The S4 also has a battery life that is longer than that of the iPhone. The Galaxy has fourteen hours talk time while the iPhone has eight hours.

research-papers-research-papers-service-custom-research-papersGalaxy series operates on the Android system, which is popular with Google Maps application. Google maps have been available for a long duration and offers accurate and comprehensive mapping information with complete features like voice guided navigation as well as street view mode. Google maps also offers pedestrians public transport and navigation. Galaxy series like S3 and S4 offers NFC (Near Field Connectivity) which is not offered by the iPhone series. NFC connectivity facilitates short range expedient communication between electronic devices as such easy connection to other devices used by consumers. The NFC connectivity also makes galaxy series better than iPhone. The S3 and S4 pop up play features make it possible for users to watch videos through minute floating window. Normally, this is located on top of other applications in use. The feature cannot be found in iPhone series thus making Galaxy series better (Sharma 1965).

Galaxy series also comes with standard mass storage as well as USB host capacity that makes it easy to transfer photos.IPhone series does not come with mass storage mode which means that individuals cannot access file systems of connected storage. On top of this, the Galaxy series operating system makes it possible for 3rd party browser engines to run the system in complete contrast to iPhone series. Chrome, a third party browser engine for android is quite fast in benchmarks and also gives numerous user interfaces. Opera and Firefox are the other browser engines. These three browsers make it possible for individuals to synchronize tabs between phone and desktop. The Galaxy also has a quad-core Snapdragon while iPhone series like the iPhone 5 has dual core. Therefore, this means the Galaxy is two times as fast as the iPhone (Sharma 1965).

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