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Whole foods Market Company Research Paper

Whole foods Market Company

Whole Foods Market Company operates several supermarkets that sell both processed and natural foods. The company has four founders who started it in 1980 in Austin, Texas. Over the past years, this company has been growing especially through amalgamations and mergers. Currently, it is among the leading food stores globally. It sells a wide array of food products including bakery, meat, seafood and grocery among others.

The company also sells specialty goods that include body care products, beer and wine. The firm is among the companies that advocate for sustainable farming or agriculture across the world. It operates and owns stores in different countries including the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada.

The daily functions of this company are directed by its core values. These direct the interaction of employees and managers with customers. Among the major values of this company is offering superior quality products. Similarly, the value of its whole foods is at the center of ensuring nourishment and satisfaction of the customers. The belief of this company is that success and excellence can be achieved through team work.

The firm implements value by raising health standards among the public by educating customers about the essence of eating healthy foods. It also aims at creating mutual benefits through partnership with suppliers. Additionally, the values of this corporation are centered on the provision of stewardship in the conservation of the environment.

The motto of the Whole Foods Market is the source of its mission. Its motto states the following, ‘whole foods, whole people and whole planet’ (Petusevsky 125). Both international and local artisans supply the company with its products. The company also recruits talented people to join its team members. The team comprises of empowered individuals who help in generating ideas and making informed decisions. Consequently, the employees are motivated so that they can move the organization forward. Additionally, the company recognizes the relationship that human life has with the environment.

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John Mackey is the CEO of this company and one of its founders. He is 59 years old at the moment and he has been managing the store for more than three decades now. During his tenure, he has made several accomplishments. John and his girlfriend started the company as a small store upon graduating from college. Currently, the company has grown rapidly to be one of the leading corporations globally. Today, the firm operates more than 350 shops within three countries. This company provides employment to 54,000 individuals in its food stores.

John has incorporated teamwork in managing the company. This way, he has helped in managing the organization in a concise way (Pitchford 174). Consequently, the company has become a major institution that people in the US yearn to work with and for. This company has also engaged in programs that aim at eradicating poverty among the developing nations. Its CEO has also launched programs whose aim is to expand the food production business. Additionally, he has also participated in the formulation of rules that prevent mistreatment of animals.

The company has plans that will enable it to realize future sustainability. Its aim is to establish a working environment in which material and human resources can be utilized by businesses without degrading the environment. It also aims at increasing its stores to 1000 by setting up stores in other states in the US. This company also intends to expand the number of its existing stores in the UK. Whole Foods Market Company is among the global firms that are capable of expanding in the future.

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