• essaysexperts41

    Sample Essay on the Italian Unification Timeline

    Italian Unification The Italian unification was as a result of sixty days of daring action, revolutionary ideas and events. The timeline of the unification is as indicated below: 1796-Italy is invaded by Napoleon 1815-At the Vienna congress, the powers that defeated Napoleon-Russia, Great Britain, Prussia and Austria draw a new geopolitical map of Europe with […]

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  • essaysexperts43

    Sample Essay on Boxer Rebellion Timeline

    Boxer Rebellion The Boxer rebellion took place in the 1900’s in China. It has some interesting parallels to 21st century events. The rebellion was an uprising in non-western country against what was viewed as the corrupt influence of western ideologies and practices. Grass root organizations at the time were fighting against what they saw as […]

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  • essaysexperts44

    Sample Essay on Austro Prussian Seven Weeks War

    Austro Prussian Seven Weeks War The Austro Prussian seven weeks war, also known as the Unification war, German Civil War, Prussian German War was a 1866 war fought between the German Confederation which was under the leadership of Austrian Empire and German allies on one side and Prussia Kingdom with Italy and German allies on […]

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  • essaysexperts45

    Sample Essay on Apartheid Timeline

    Apartheid Timeline May 1948 After the general election of 1948, apartheid begins. The National Party in order to get votes from White Africans promises to make laws that prohibit the rights of black people once they win the election. The National Party wins after defeating the United Party marking the start of apartheid. The apartheid […]

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  • essaysexperts46

    Sample Essay on Anglo Zulu War

    Anglo Zulu War Anglo Zulu war was between the Zulu Kingdom and British Empire fought in 1879. Following the successful introduction of federation in Canada by Lord Carnarvon, it was assumed that a similar political effort together with military campaigns might work for the tribal areas, Boer republics in SA and African Kingdoms. Sir Henry […]

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  • essaysexperts47

    Sample Essay on Anglo Zulu War Timeline

    Anglo Zulu War Anglo Zulu War is known for the bloody Rorke’s Drift and Isandlwana battles of 1879 that saw the invasion of independent Zululand (present day SA) by more than 15,000 British troops. The buildup to the war began in 1877 when British colonial administrator, Sir Henry Frere was sent to Cape Town to […]

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  • essaysexperts47

    Sample Essay on Boer War Timeline

    Boer War Timeline History is replete with documented wars, which took place decades and centuries ago. While some of these wars may have been forgotten, they played a major role in shaping some current political landscapes. Importantly, these wars were influential depending on the parties involved and the aftermath of the battles. In this essay, […]

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    Sample Essay on the fall of the Soviet Union

    Soviet Union The fall of the Soviet Union can be attributed to the Cold War. However, the collapse of Soviet Union was a gradual process that took almost half of the century. In around 1945 when the Second World War ended, the United States and the Soviet Union engaged in a war that entailed fear […]

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  • essayexperts

    Sample Essay on the Cuban Missile Crisis

    Cuban Missile Crisis The Cuban missile crisis refers to a dangerous and direct confrontation between the Soviet Union and the United States during the era of the Cold War. This crisis marked the closes moment during which the two countries were almost engaging in a nuclear conflict. This crisis has been considered unique by most […]

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  • essayexperts7

    Sample Essay on Neolithic Revolution

    Neolithic Revolution Neolithic revolution is also called the Neolithic Demographic Transition. There are also people who called it the Agricultural Revolution. It refers to the first verifiable revolution in history of Agriculture. The revolution was wide scale involving different human cultures from the hunting and gathering lifestyle to settlement and agriculture which supported the increasing […]

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  • essayexperts1

    Sample Essay on Manhattan Project

    Manhattan Project Manhattan Project refers to a research project by the government of the United States that led to the production of atomic bombs for the first time. The United States’ government engaged in this project between 1942 and 1945. Scientists in America, most of who were refugees from the fascist regimes of Europe initiated […]

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  • essayexperts2

    Sample Essay on Magna Carta

    Magna Carta Magna Carta is a Latin word for Great Charter. It is also known as the Magna Carta Libertatum. It refers to an Angevin charter that was issued in Latin originally. King John sealed the charter under oath at Runnymede on River Thames’ bank near Windsor on 15th June 1215 in England. Magna Carta […]

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  • essaysexperts15

    Sample Essay on Battle of the Bulge

    Battle of the Bulge Battle of the bulge was fought during the winter of 1944 and 1945. It marked the last major attempt by the Nazi Germany to attack and defeat the Allies during the Second World War. It is considered by many historians as the last ditch attempt that Hitler made to split the […]

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  • essayexperts3

    Sample Essay on Battle of Stalingrad

    Battle of Stalingrad Many historians consider the battle of Stalingrad as the turning point of the Second World War in Europe. This was a major battle in which the Nazi Germany and the allies fought to take control of the Stalingrad city with the Soviet Union. City of Stalingrad is now the Volgograd city located […]

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  • essayexperts4

    Sample Essay on Battle of Midway

     Battle of Midway Battle of midway was fought near and over the tiny mid-pacific base of the United States at the Midway atoll. It was among the most crucial naval battles fought during the Second World War. This battle was fought from 4th to 7th June 1942. It was only 6 months after the attack […]

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