• essaysexperts40

    Sample Essay on the Holocaust

    The Holocaust The holocaust was the state sponsored bureaucratic, systematic persecution and murder of 6 million Jews including 1.5 million Jewish children by the Nazi regime and its collaborators in Europe. It occurred in 1933 to 1945. There are millions other people who were also caught up in the web of destruction woven by the […]

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    Sample Essay on Marketing Mix

    Marketing Mix Marketing mix refers to a business tool used by marketers in marketing. It is crucial when determining a brands or products offer and is often associated with the 4 P’s which include: Price Product Promotion Place Marketing mix also refers to set of tactics or actions that a company might use in order […]

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    Sample Essay on Christian Perspective of Life after Death

    Christian Perspective of Life after Death Christian beliefs on life after death vary slightly from one denomination to another and individual Christians. While this is the case, a vast majority of Christians believe heaven is the place where believers go upon dying so they can enjoy the presence of God. Christians believe that in heaven, […]

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    Sample Essay on Capital Budgeting

    Capital Budgeting Capital budget refers to the process through which firms decide on the long term investments to make. Projects of capital budgeting are supposed to generate cash flows for several years. The decision on whether to reject or accept capital budgeting project is dependent on analysis of cash flow that is generated by the […]

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    Sample Essay on Brand Loyalty

    Brand Loyalty Brand royalty is a term that explains a consumer’s act of choosing/buying a product produced by the same manufacturer repeatedly rather than one from a competitor. The concept is based on perception simply because the consumer believes they are buying the superior product. It is important to note brand royalty is related to […]

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    Sample Essay on Black Wednesday

    Black Wednesday Black Wednesday in economics and politics refers to the September 16th 1992 incident when the British Conservative government was forced to withdraw the pound sterling from the ERM (European Exchange Rate Mechanism) after it failed to keep above the agreed lower limit in ERM. It happened after the Hungarian banker, George Soros made […]

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    Sample Essay on 2013 Horse Meat Scandal

    Horse Meat Scandal The 2013 horse meat scandal was a scandal in Europe that foods advertised as containing beef had been found to contain improperly declared or undeclared horse meat. The issue was brought to the fore on January 15th 2013 when it was reported horse DNA had been discovered in some of the frozen […]

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    Sample Essay on the Wars of the Three Kingdoms

    The Wars of the Three Kingdoms The Wars of the Three Kingdoms, was a combination of conflicts, which took place in Scotland, England and Ireland from 1639 to 1651. This was after the three Kingdoms had been put under the leadership of a single monarch. One of these conflicts was the English Civil War, which […]

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    Sample Essay on the Gunpowder Plot

    The Gunpowder plot The Gunpowder plot was a November 5, 1605 plot to blow up King James of England and the parliament for their continued persecution on Roman Catholics in the country. The plan to blow up the monarch was hatched by Robert Catesby and other like-minded people who had the hope of replacing the […]

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  • essaysexperts22

    Sample Essay on the Great Fire of London

    The Great Fire of London The September 1666 Great Fire of London, remains a historical event in the world today. The fire accident occurred at King Charles II’s house, on Pudding Lane, located near the London Bridge. The fire spread to the Thomas Street, gutting warehouses that had combustibles. It later became an inferno following […]

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    Sample Essay on the Execution of Charles 1

    Execution of Charles 1 Charles I was executed in 1649 after he was found guilty of treason by Parliament. He was also accused of murder and described as a great enemy of the Commonwealth of England. He remains the first English monarch to be tried for treason and beheaded. It is a common event in […]

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    Sample Essay on the English Civil War

    The English Civil War, one of the reminiscent wars in the history of England was fought between 1642 and 1651. The wars stemmed from differences between King Charles I and the country’s parliament. The bone of contention was the powers of the monarchy and the rights of Parliament. In the early stages of the war, […]

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    Sample Essay on the Darien Scheme

    Darien Scheme Darien Scheme was an unfortunate ambition of a few people to establish a colony on the Isthmus of Darien in the year 1698. Following the ill-faced scheme, Scotland lost its economic stability and became bankrupt. According to history, Darien Scheme was a creation of William Peterson, the founder of the Bank of England. […]

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    Sample Essay on Obesity Epidemic

    Over the years, obesity remains a leading health concern among developed countries of the world, including the United States. Research shows ever-rising cases of obesity of among adults and children in America, a trend replicated in most developed and developing nations. While many people would want insinuate that the “obesity endemic” has been blown out […]

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    Sample Essay on Jacobite Risings

    Jacobite Risings The Jacobite risings, also called the Jacobite Rebellion took place between 1745 and 1746. In this essay, we discuss the events that led to the rebellion, including the retreat and aftermath. To understand this better, we shall also focus on the kings that were in power during the revolt or those that largely […]

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