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Sample Essay on Widespread Epidemics in Africa

Widespread Epidemics in Africa

In Africa, AIDS continues to be one of the most widespread epidemic and single most reported case worldwide. Lack of knowledge continues to be the leading factor of spread of HIV/AIDS. It is of great importance for campaigns against the disease to be encouraged in order to educate people regarding prevention measures and also prevent them from getting the disease.

As the fertility level increases and the rate of mortality decreases in Africa, the African populace is expected to reach the peak of 1.7 billion people in 2050 up from 767 million in 2006 (Ashford 1). With the tremendous population increase in Africa, it is of great importance that people be educated on how they can fight the disease in the continent which is by staying faithful to their partners, abstaining from sexual activities and using protection. In most parts of Africa, the number of people living with the disease will continue to increase since a large percentage of the population lives in poverty and tends to engage in sexual activities as a means of earning a living. It also means that more children will become orphans as a result of death caused by the disease and more will be infected if the sex workers continue engaging with more people for purposes of money and if the governments of those countries fail to put effort on educating people about HIV/AIDS.

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People who live with the disease are also prone to develop other kinds of infections and illnesses like tuberculosis and malaria, due to their low immune systems and therefore this will further fuel AIDS epidemic (Ashford 2). With spread of such a disease, especially in children, the level of death because of poor health facilities and assistance caused by poverty will also increase in the African countries.

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