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Sample Essay on what is the Importance of Water in the Human Body

Water in the Human Body

What is the importance of water in the human body? This is a question that you might ask at some point. Scientists, doctors and nutritionists advise people to drink sufficient water on daily basis. However, some people do not know the importance of water in the body. Nevertheless, water has paramount significance in the human body.

Water plays different roles in the body and that is why it is highly important to drink sufficient water. Approximately ¾ of the human body mass is made of water. Water is an important part of the cell of the human body. In addition, water is crucial in the human body because it facilitate various biological processes.

Hydrolysis is one of the biological processes that require water. This is a process in which a phosphate group is separated from an adenosine triphosphate or guanosine triphosphate releasing energy. Energy from the consumed food is used in generating adenosine triphosphate and guanosine triphosphate before the energy is used by the body. This makes water a very important element of the human diet.

Image 2In addition, water is an essential electrolyte containing medium as well as other ions in the human body. Some ions help in the formation of electrical pathways for functioning of the nerve. Dehydration of the human body to about 2 percent can greatly degrade mental and physical functions. Dehydration of up to 15 percent can be lethal. Compared to vitamin deficiencies that take weeks to make an individual sick water deficiency can kill within hours or days.

Water is very important in the human body because it helps in the removal of toxins. Human body removes toxins in four different ways. These are toxins processing by the liver, perspiration, bowels, and urination. Perspiration, urination and bowels excrete toxins from the body in water.

When the body is dehydrated, it will minimize using these methods to save water. Instead, the body will force liver to perform most responsibilities of removing toxins. This might exert pressure on the liver that has other roles to play apart from detoxification. Thus, the liver might not perform the detoxification process efficiently which might cause toxins buildup in the body.

Water is also important for fat loss and fitness. When taken, water fills the body up without adding calories. Dehydration degrades the ability of an individual to burn calories through exercising and it can also reduce synthesis of protein that is needed to repair and build muscles.

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