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Sample Essay on Wage Gap in America

Wage Gap in America

Wage Gap in America addresses many issues. Over the past years, there have been many questions surrounding wage gap in the states including why men are often paid more than women, whether women work part time hence the wage gap and whether women have the sole responsibility of taking care of their children that’s why they earn less.

The truth is that all the above questions can be answered by understanding wage gap in America. Research shows that wage gap in the US affects many women of all ages. It also affects women despite their educational level. This is why the state has been trying to find the most ideal solutions to address or close wage gap.

Wage gap in America has not been budgeted over the past years. Therefore, women suffered a great deal and they were paid only 77 percent of what men were paid in a decade. This included women who worked whole year and full time.

Wage gap in America also affects women in every state. However, some states are worse compared to others. Women in Washington DC are paid well, 90 percent of what men are paid especially in the past decade. The worst state where the effects of wage gap are greatly felt is Wyoming where women are only paid 64 percent of what men earn.

The wage gap in America is also worse depending on the color of women. Even though it affects all women in the states, Hispanic and Black women are greatly affected. It is also worse on Asian American women as they receive 87 percent of what white men are paid in the country.

Hispanic women earn 53 percent of what white men earn. This means that whites are used in the states as a benchmark because they cover the largest demographic group.

Wage gap in America-occupation

Wage gap in America affects women in all professions. It doesn’t discriminate against the type of work that a woman handles year in year out. Middle and elementary school teachers are paid less compared to their male counterparts. This is also common in female dominated, male dominated and gender balanced workplaces.

Research also shows that wage gap in America grows with age. Women earn 90percent of what men earn until the order-buttonage of 35. After 35, their earnings drop to 75 or 80 percent of what men earn.

Wage gap also affects women without children. Those that work full time earn up to 82 percent of what men earn.

Educated women are not an exception. Even though many women have advanced in education, they stand a chance to earn good salaries. However, wage gap affects them negatively leading to low salaries compared to what men earn. This means that education cannot be used as an effective tool to close wage gap in America.

Changes that can help close wage gap in America

Over the past years, the US has been looking for effective tools against wage gap. This includes

Carrying out salary audits in companies to monitor the earnings of men and women because it helps to find the difference and pay women well.

For individuals, the states suggest that women should learn to bargain for good salaries.

Policy makers on the other hand can use executive order to promote women’s earnings.

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