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Sample Essay on the Benefits of Cloud Computing For Small Business

Benefits of Cloud Computing For Small Business

Cloud computing is one of the most beneficial internet based facilities for small and large businesses. With cloud, managing IT systems and sharing data is easier and cost effective. To a small business, cloud computing is beneficial because

It allows for enhanced accessibility

Cloud allows for more flexibility and accessibility. This is one of the biggest advantages that come with this internet based facility. With cloud, business persons can access, modify and save data files from any sources and in any location. You can access data from your computer, laptop, tablet or phone.

Cloud also offers more flexibility when sharing files and collaborating with other people. This is because storage of files in cloud system is done in one central location. Therefore, anyone can access data from wherever and at any time. It offers greater accessibility and flexibility for small business owners to run and manage their business remotely.

With easy accessibility of business files, a business will also enjoy increased productivity, competitiveness and quality time management.

Enhanced security

Cloud allows small businesses to enhance security of their systems. Over the past years, many people could easily lose data on their mobile phones and laptops. When using cloud, even if your laptop is stolen, it is easy to retrieve data.


Cloud computing also cuts down on operational and production costs. This is based on the fact that a small business person has the opportunity to choose what to use and what to avoid. Nothing is fixed in cloud because it is a practical service for small businesses.

Startup cost when using cloud is also low. In addition, applications used in small business are fully customized. Therefore, there is no need of buying expensive hardware and software.

The applications are also web based are easy to maintain. Cloud computing service provider offers cheap and advanced technologies to programs that are out of date.

Emergency backup

Cloud offers backup for small business. It is a disaster recovery system that allows for more resilience and at a Proofreading-Editingcheaper price. If your computer or mobile phone breaks down, you will not lose your data. Data is saved remotely in cloud computing and recovery time is faster compared to systems that do not utilize cloud.

Staying competitive

Cloud computing allows small businesses to achieve a competitive edge against relevant competitors. Service provider helps small establishments with all technical issues within the shortest time possible. Downtime is greatly reduced so that a business person can focus on more important aspects of the business.

What’s more, cloud allows for energy saving and produces less carbon emissions on on-site servers. This also helps a small business to save a great deal on cash. According to research, businesses using cloud computing can cut up to 90 percent carbon emissions.

With cloud computing, small business persons are in better positions to improve their operations. They can also easily cut on the cost of resources and traditional computer technologies. Cloud computing improves and benefits a business during high and low seasons.

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