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Sample Essay on Sikhism Beliefs about God

Sikhism Beliefs about God

Sikhism beliefs about God hold that there is an existence of an uncompromisingly monotheistic God as symbolized by the Ik Onkar. This God is the one Creator and central tenet of the Sikh philosophy. Nevertheless, Sikhs believe that this Creator is an all pervasive being and the sole truth and that he is the only truth. All creation is an illusory and realization that the entire creation is just one is the route that leads to enlightenment.

Guru Granth Sahib stated that “Toohe Moohe, moohe toohe, antar kaisa?” this translates to mean, “You are in me, I am in you, what is the difference?” This idea is similar to that of Buddhists that all individuals are enlightened and that humans just need to realize this fact. It is perceivable and knowable to any individual that is ready to dedicate their energy and time to becoming perceptive of their own persona.

The Creator or God has been described by the gurus in different ways in hymns that are included in Guru Granth Sahib, which is the holy Sikhism scripture. The oneness of deity is highly and consistently emphasized in the entire scripture. Mool Mantar provides a description of the Creator. First passage of Guru Granth Sahib which is the basic formula of Sikhism faith provides this description.

It describes God as One Creator whose name is the Truth and He only is the Creator, Beyond Hatred, Beyond Fear, Image 2Beyond Time and Death, Self-Illuminated, Unborn, the Grace of Guru. According to Guru Arjan, the Creator is past or beyond any form or color. However, he can be seen as an elephant that has eight arms. The Lord transcends the entire world and the scriptures of west and east yet he is manifest clearly. Ultimate reality knowledge is not the main issue. It occurs by revelation of ultimate reality via grade or nadir and by mystical experience or anubhava.

Guru Nanak observes that the Creator is not accessible via intellect or via mere scholarship or even cleverness in arguments. The Creator is met at time and chances that he pleases via devotion. Guru Granth refers to Creator as the Father or He. However, this is because Granth was written in the North Indian using Indo-Aryan languages which are a mixture of the Hindi dialects and Punjabi that do not have neutral gender. Because Granth refers to God as being indescribable, then God does not have a gender according to the beliefs of Sikhism about God.

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