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Sample Essay on Masculinities and Femininities

Masculinities and Femininities

The roles that the society endows a woman or a man and the roles that women and men are considered to undertake distinguish them. The presence of the testosterone hormone among other physical attributes is what gives manhood a definition. Other defining characters include the traditional status of a man being the head of his family, aggressive nature, catering for the needs of the family including shelter, clothing and food among other needs that are necessary for a family’s existence. Being a woman on the other hand entails possessing feminine characters as well as playing feminine roles. Women naturally have feminine reproductive organs. Women are traditionally considered to be caring, tender-hearted and submissive.

Among the words that are used in describing men include caring, gorgeous, and handsome. Women are described Image 2using adjectives that include sexy, charming, beautiful and seductive among others. An ideal woman or man has these good qualities without a fault. As such, finding an ideal human being is impossible because in some ways, everybody has a fault.

The applicable expectations for women in today’s society include their collective responsibility. This is because both women and men have been made equal by justice and equality.  As such, the expectation of the contemporary society is that a woman should be considerate, sensitive and hardworking. On the other hand, the contemporary society expects men to be hardworking, caring, loving and gentle. There is a variation in these expectations when compared with those of the older generations since the traditional society had distinct duties and roles for women and men. However, these duties and roles are not distinct in the modern society. The law takes both genders equally.

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