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Sample Essay on Importance of the Amazon River

Importance of the Amazon River

Rivers are a great resource for every nation. In every continent there is that river that attracts the residents and even foreign to experienced great wonders of the world. Despite Nile River being widely acknowledged as the longest river, Amazon River is the largest river according to survey and research conducted by a number of historians and ecologists in the world.  It averages about 7,050000 square kilometers and it drains it water from west to east in Iquitos, Peru and across Brazil and the Atlantic. The local people refer to Amazon River as El Jefe Negro to refer to an ancient god of fertility.

Amazon River is indeed a wonder and it presents many benefits to the people who rely on it within South America. The Amazon River and its tributaries are characterized by far-reaching forested areas that are flooded on rainy seasons. The river is known to rise more than 30 feet making the amazon flooded forest as the most widespread example of a great habitat type globally. The amazon basin is the largest drainage basin that changed the lives of many people in South America. Its incomparable benefits to the many people and nations out there have been matchless.

Many rivers in the world have disappeared due to human activities regardless of their sizes, but amazon has been a great wonder to treasure. And here goes the mainstay significances of the Amazon River;

  1. Its great ecological importance- The Amazon River helps feed the large rainforest with enough water. Plants imagescannot grow without enough water and with the Amazon basin which is the largest reservoir of freshwater many plants growing within the forest are not easily affected during dry seasons.
  2. Amazon River is a great place to tour- There are incomparable attractions within the amazon that presents great sight-seeing scenes that you can find nowhere else. Local residents and foreigners can visit the areas where river passes through and see the largest rainforest in the world and many other attractions within the region.
  3. Provides fresh water for domestic and industrial uses- Thousands rely on the Amazon River for fresh water whereas there many industries that use the water for industrial purposes.
  4. Offers thousands of fish species for consumption- There are more than 3,000 species of fish that offer enough food for the people. Hence, they offer and alternative diet for better health.
  5. Easy for shipping and boating- The Amazon River offer a great means of transport within many nations, thus trade has been quite effective ever since.

The Amazon River is quite substantial not only for the nations within the river basin, but also southern America in general. Despite all the afore-mentioned benefits, the Amazon River has posed many dangers to the people. There is increased pollution in the river and disease outbreak has been widespread. Plants, animals and the environment have been affected by human activities. Being the deepest and the largest river in the globe, there are dangers that came with unprofessional boating and shipping. Above all, Amazon River is a wonder of the world and every person should aid protect the river.

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