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Sample Essay on Effects of Gender Inequality in Education

Effects of Gender Inequality in Education

Education is the key to success in one’s lifetime. It is considered as the most valuable possession for mankind in the today’s world. It is also the most important tool for human development. Regardless of where one comes from, education is a universal human right as it presents many opportunities in life. One issue that has made it had for many people to access education is gender inequality. Evidently, like in any other areas, gender discrimination is both formal and informal. In some cases, it does affect both men and women depending on place of origin.

Gender inequality in education exists in almost every underdeveloped country and among those languishing in poverty. From a report presented by the World Bank in 2001, there has been a considerable increase in gender disparity in education in the low income countries over the last three eras. Inequality in the education sector starts from the word “go” as some people fail to access even the least education services that can be offered in a learning institution. Hence, many people fighting for equality in the education have never left any stone unturned for better and educated societies in the future.

There are different ways through which gender inequality has been practiced. For instance, there have been Image 2disparities on how boys and girls have to access school or university.  Primarily schooling became a universal right from 1877, but girls’ secondary school opened 15 years later after boys’ school. Women were allowed to attend university is they make it through secondary school, but there are areas that prohibit boys from attending universities. Educating girl child has been seen by many 19th century parents as waste time and money. Daughters were to marry, raise children and keep houses. Today, the number of girls graduating with degrees is high than that of men.

In the early 20th century, girls were limited to undertaking areas that include motherhood like sex education, health, hygiene and domestic skills. For boys, they had to pursue those areas that would help take care of their families socially and economically. The move a parent or government made on education had effect on the society and the nation in general.  For instance, lack of education meant that there will be disparities in income among men and women. Those who were undertaking taxing jobs were to be paid more than the rest of the group and this led to discrimination of women as they were seen as the minority jobwise.

Uneducated women were discriminated in the society and at workplace as they were seen as passive, less assertive and quite due to the impact of hidden skills and curriculum. Education inequality also affected economic growth of a nation. Women are seen to be more productive than men in regard to the many chores that they undertake on daily basis.  Hence, if this group is despised, it means that there will be less labor force and less output is expected.

By promoting equality in education, it means that a nation is encouraging economic growth and promoting important development goals that entail lower child mortality and low fertility. By giving every individual an opportunity to learn, inequality will be a long gone vice.  Men are the promoters of inequality in the society, but if there educated or re-educated, both socially and professionally, it will be easy to improve productivity, economic and our living standards.

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