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Sample Essay on Causes and Effects of Battles of Lexington and Concord

Causes and Effects of Battles of Lexington and Concord

Rising tensions between Great Britain and colonists from North America in mid Atlantic region led to formulation of British regulations and restrictions.  The colonists felt that the British Empire was treating them as citizens of a lower class. Distance, arrogance and time made it impossible for both sides to come up with any peaceful solution and as a result, the colonists felt there was no recourse but fighting at Lexington and Concord in 1775.

There were different factors that contributed to the battle of Lexington and concord and some of these are as highlighted below:


England and American colonies experienced communication lag which made it difficult to discuss issues that were of concern to the colonists. The British government especially treated American colonists like they did not deserve full British citizenship and this became quite obvious during the Indian and French war when soldiers of American descent  discovered the advise they offered did not carry the same level of credibility as that one offered by British soldiers.

Also, the American soldiers were paid far less than what their counterparts were receiving. The contempt the British Proofreading-Editinghad for the colonialists fermented with time and eventually became a desire for full fledged citizenship or freedom from mother country.

Acts of the British

Among colonists, there was growth of unrest which was fanned by patriots like James Otis, Samuel Adams and John Hancock. In response to this, England put into place laws that were more restrictive like the 1975 Stamp Act. This law taxed all newspapers and any other paper that was bought within the colonies.  The colonists however did not abide b y the rule and it had to be repealed by England.

However the damage was already done and the colonists no longer had trust in the British government. England passed Townshend Acts in 1768 so it could collect tax on glass, paper, tea, silk and paint. The determination England had to force colonists to make payments for the expenses incurred by the British and its wars angered the colonists.

The British march to destroy supplies at concord and arrest Hancock and Adams also helped trigger t he battle and so did the Boston tea party in 1773.


The battles of Lexington and Concord had the effect of causing the American Revolution. During the battle, blood was spilled and Minutemen defended their weapons successfully though there was no possibility of coming up with a peaceful solution. The battles aided in uniting the colonies and eventually led to the Revolutionary War.

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