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Sample Essay on Capitalist Democracy and Democratic Capitalism

Capitalist Democracy and Democratic Capitalism

Capitalist democracy defines the rights that are exercised in the market or social setting in the use, abuse, exchange, and output, along with the inhabitation of resources, properties, and property rights. Therefore, capitalist democracy regulates the equal achievement of degrees between economic powers and political powers. A government that embraces capitalist democracy is, thus, a state that adopts a systematic manifestation of private property rights in the way that citizens use their resources, properties, and other available opportunities, in full knowledge of the adverse social impacts (Maria 2).

On the other hand, democratic capitalism refers to states that have embraced capitalism through political parties. InImage 2 such countries, people are expected to publicly show the interest in owning properties and resources, while in full enjoyment of their rights. Those who embrace capitalist democracy are mainly political parties that pretend to not care much about the necessary measures of poverty eradication. Thus, it is clear that the government places limitations on economic and political powers among the citizens, organizations and corporations. This is done while also making sure that citizens who contribute handsomely to the economy get the most benefits, while the rest are left with just enough capital and resources to ensure that they are able to sustain themselves on a daily basis (Maria 4).

Capitalist democracy is therefore, better since it accords the people the power to grow without discrimination but based on their contributions to the economy. This ensures that all people are empowered politically, economically and socially in equal measures so as to sustain their daily lives. In the US, it can be said that the country is practicing democratic capitalism. This is because of the fact that the country has social classes like the lower, middle and upper classes. On the contrary, organizations compete in order to acquire political influence and favors for social, economic and political gains so as to remain in control. Therefore, America cannot be included in the list of countries that are looking towards achieving equality between economic and political powers.

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