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Sample Essay on Boxer Rebellion Timeline

Boxer Rebellion

The Boxer rebellion took place in the 1900’s in China. It has some interesting parallels to 21st century events. The rebellion was an uprising in non-western country against what was viewed as the corrupt influence of western ideologies and practices.

Grass root organizations at the time were fighting against what they saw as a war and they waged it against a collection of technologically foreign powers in a bid to preserve their beliefs and values. The events that lead to the Boxer rebellion timeline are as highlighted below:

  • 1807-The first protestant Christian missionary from London Missionary school arrives in China.
  • 1835 to 36- Missionaries are expelled by Daoguang Emperor for distributing Christian books.
  • 1839 to 42- The First Opium War takes place and Britain imposes the right to equal treaty on China thereby taking over Hong Kong.
  • 1842- Extraterritorial rights are provided to all foreigners in China as a result of the Nanjing treaty and foreigners are not longer subjected to Chinese laws.
  • 1840s- A high number of Western Christian missionaries continue flooding China.
  • 1850-64- Hong Xiuquan, a Christian convert leads the bloody Taiping Rebellion against the Qing Dynasty.
  • 1856 to 60-The Second Opium War takes place Britain and France manage to defeat China and they impose some harsh Tientsin treaties
  • 1894 to 95- The first Sino-Japanese War  takes place and the former Japan tributary defeats China and Korea is taken over.
  • November 1, 1897-Juye Incident takes place-two Germans are killed by armed men at a missionary home in Shandong province, Northern China.
  • November 14, 1897- Fleets are sent to Shandong by German Kaiser Wilhelm II and he urges them not to take any prisoners like the Huns and the Attila.
  • 1878-98-Drought which is followed by floods strikes Shandong causing in its wake spread of misery.
  • 1898-Young men from the Righteous Fist groups in Shandong practice martial arts and traditional spiritualism.
  • June 11 September-21st 1898-100 Days Reform as Emperor Guangxu attempts to modernize China quickly.
  • September 21, 1898-Guangxu is on the verge of handing sovereignty over to Japan but is stopped forcing him to go to internal exile Empress Dowager Cixi takes over the rule in his name.
  • June 5, 1900-Boxers cut the railroad line at Tianjin and isolates Beijing
  • June 13, 1900-First Boxer appears in the Legation Quarter in Beijing
  • August 15, 1900- Empress Dowager Cixi and Guangxu go back to Beijing from Xi’an and they resume control of government.

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