Cosmological Argument

Cosmological Argument The existence of God remains a contentious issue in the society. Does God exist? For many years, scholars and theologians have explored theories and arguments to disprove each other on the existence of God. In most cases, there has never been a conclusive consensus on whether God exists or if it is an

essential amino acids

Essential Amino Acids Essential Amino Acids is also referred to as indispensable amino acids, essential amino acids refer to a class of amino acids that the body is unable to synthesize. These amino acids are thus, acquired from the diets that we eat. There are several kinds of essential amino acids including valine, phenylalanine, isoleucine, tryptophan,

Central Dogma of Molecular Biology

Central Dogma of Molecular Biology Central Dogma of Molecular Biology is basically an explanation of how genetic information flows within a biological system. The concept was first brought into the limelight by Francis Crick in 1956. In 1970, it was again stated in a Nature paper. The Central Dogma of Molecular Biology states that sequential

Sample Essay on Samnite Wars

Samnite Wars The Samnite Wars refer to the three major armed conflicts between the Samnites or the Samnium tribes and the Romans. These wars were fought from 343 to 290 BC. The Roman Republic was fighting to take Italy’s control. These wars involved almost all Italy states and in the end, the Roman Republic dominated

The Invasion of Canada in 1775 The invasion of Canada in 1775 saw the newly created Continental Army of the United States launch their first military action in the American Revolutionary War. It also marked the first major defeat of the Americans in the Revolutionary War. The invasion led by Colonel Benedict Arnold and General

Sample Essay on the Pyrrhic War

Pyrrhic War After the conclusion of Samnite War , Pyrrhic war began when all of central Italy was put under Roman control. Roman territories were brought closer to Magna Graecia cities in Northern Italy, bringing about conflicting interests and subsequent fights. An overview of Pyrrhic War The pyrrhic war began shortly after the end of Samite