General Motors Bankruptcy Background General Motors filed for bankruptcy on 10th July 2009. This firm is a US auto manufacturing company that was founded by Billy Durant in 1908. Its headquarters are in Detroit, Michigan. Over the years, this company has introduced remarkable innovations in the U.S which enabled it to dominate the economy of

American Airlines Bankruptcy American Airlines bankruptcy is considered by many industry observers as a step that was long overdue. This company was among the few major airlines in the US that had always avoided bankruptcy. However, the company had to succumb to a path that is trodden by most of the other airlines in the

Role of Industrial Sector in Indian Economy Most nations depend on industrial development for economic growth. In the Indian economy, the industrial sector is especially important since without industries, development would not be possible. The country has different sectors feeding off each other that ensure the industrial sector is balanced. Industries that contribute to India’s

Contribution of Steel Industry in Indian Economy Steel plays an important role in contributing to the development of a country and accelerating its growth. It is also the backbone of human civilization and is used in manufacture of electrical machinery, metal products, textile and transport equipment etc. Steel is a product of a technologically multifaceted

Contribution of Chemical Industry in Indian Economy Chemical industry is undoubtedly the fastest expanding industries in Indian economy. It is also the oldest industry that begun soon after the country attained its independence in 1947. From that time, the industry has continued to contribute to the economic growth of the country and currently, it accounts

Contribution of Aviation Industry in Indian Economy The Indian aviation industry contributes around INR 330 billion to the country’s gross domestic product. The contribution the industry has made to the country’s economy in the last couple of years can best be described as phenomenal. Globally, it is one of the fastest growing industries. The entry