Essential Economic Factors Affecting Growth and Development Growth and development of an economy is always a matter of high importance. Every country works hard to ensure that its economy achieves growth and development. There are many factors that affect growth and development. These may range from social, political and economic amongst other things. This paper

Transition Economies Transition economies refer to economies which are changing from a centrally planned economy to one of market economy. Since communism collapse in the late 1980s countries of former Soviet Union as well as all satellite states such as Hungary, Bulgaria and Poland sought to embrace capitalism and they abandoned central planning. Transition economies

Irish Potato famine The Irish potato famine started mysteriously in September 1845 with the leaves of the plant suddenly turning black and curled then rotting. It was seemingly as a result of a fog wafting across the Ireland fields. However, the actual cause was an airborne fungus (pytophthora infestans) transported in the hold of ships

Role of NGOs in Municipal Solid waste Management Huge amounts of municipal solid waste create massive challenges for all Asian cities across the economic spectrum. The issues and characteristics of Municipal solid waste vary as such the techniques used to manage solid waste should vary in accordance to local conditions as this is the only

Role of NGOs in Development of Rural Entrepreneurship Starting an entrepreneurship in the rural areas is not an easy task. There are several aspects that need to be factored in such as where to get capital, how to attract and retain customers as well as the practices to follow. Precisely for this reason, NGOs play

Role of Agriculture in Indian Economy Agriculture plays a crucial role in the Indian economy. More than two thirds of the employed class in India relies in agriculture as the sole source of living. Agriculture in India has a major, significant history and today, the country ranks as the 2nd worldwide nation in terms of