Best Essay Format It is always very important that you know how to choose the best essay format that can facilitate you in writing an outstanding essay paper. By using a properly written essay format, you are able to easily craft a good paper that will attract better results on submission. Read on for insights

 How to Write a Reflection Paper on a Movie A reflection paper is less formal as compared to the traditional academic paper. When your tutor asks you to do a reflection paper on a movie, you have to delve into personal observations. Here, you do not build an argument using supporting evidence and credible sources.

Sample Essay on Scopes Trial

Scopes Trial Also referred to as the Scopes Monkey trial or the Scopes Evolution trial, Scopes Trial is a trial that started on July 10th, 1925. In the trail, John Thomas Scopes who was a high school coach and substitute teacher was charged with having violated the Butler Act by giving lessons on the theory

 Franchising Pros and Cons To many entrepreneurs who have been successful in building business empires, franchising is an option that may be running through their minds. Franchising is one of the ways of expanding a business and you too may be moved to try it out. However, it is very important to note that just

 Pros and Cons of Peer to Peer File Sharing There many pros and cons of peer to peer file sharing. Peer to peer file sharing refers to sharing of files in a network of connected personal computers. The connected computers share resources in a network that does not involve a separate computer acting as a

 P2P vs. Client Server Networks A network can either be a peer to peer network or a client server network. To understand the two, a comparison of P2P vs. client server networks is important. Peer to peer network is also called a workgroup network while server-based network is also known as client/server network. In a