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    Sample Essay on Original Position

    Original Position The Original Position is a hypothetical situation that was developed by John Rawls, an American philosopher as a thought experiment applied in replacement of the imagery of a savage state of nature of prior political philosophers like Thomas Hobbes. In this situation, the parties select principles that will determine the basic structure of […]

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    Sample Essay on Moral Hazard

    Moral Hazard A moral hazard is a concept that says that people will take risks if they have incentives that allow them to do so. The idea is that people might ignore the moral implications of the choices that they make. Instead, they pursue the avenues that they think are of the greatest benefits to […]

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    Sample Essay on Information Asymmetry

    Information Asymmetry Information asymmetry is a situation whereby one party in a transaction has got more or superior information compared to another. Such situations often exist in transactions where the seller is more knowledgeable than the buyer, although the reverse can also happen as well. Information asymmetry situation could be very harmful owing to the […]

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    Sample Essay on Greek Debt Crisis

    Greek Debt Crisis The Greek debt crisis started way back in 2009 and is still on course to date. During this period, quite a number of changes have taken place in Greece. Just to mention a  few of the changes, the income of the Greeks has been significantly reduced, the political situation has also taken […]

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    Sample Essay on Adverse Selection

    Adverse Selection Adverse selection is a term that is mostly applied in the insurance industry to refer to a phenomenon wherein the insurer is confronted with the probability of loss due to risk that was not factored in at the time of sale. This happens in the event of an asymmetrical movement of information between […]

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    Sample Essay on Safavid Empire

    Safavid Empire Safavid Empire was the most significant ruling dynasties of Persia-modern Iran- and is considered the start of modern Persian history. They ruled the greatest Persian empires after Muslim conquest of Persia. The Islamic Empire had the strength and ability to challenge Ottomans in the West and Mughals in the East. Summary The empire […]

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    Sample Essay on Safavid Empire Timeline

    Safavid Empire Safavid Empire was based in Persia (now known as Iran) and it ruled over a large portion of Southwestern Asia from 1501 through to 1736. Members of the Empire were of Kurdish Persian descent and part of the unique Sufi-infused order known as Safaviyya. At the height of the Empire, the dynasty controlled […]

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    Sample Essay on Ottoman Empire Timeline

    Ottoman Empire The Ottoman Empire was a very powerful military and political entity of the Turks established in the middle ages and which lasted into the twentieth century. It all started with a small state comprised of a handful of Turks believed to be Seljuk Turks descendants. The timeline of the empire can be broken […]

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    Sample Essay on the Italian Unification Timeline

    Italian Unification The Italian unification was as a result of sixty days of daring action, revolutionary ideas and events. The timeline of the unification is as indicated below: 1796-Italy is invaded by Napoleon 1815-At the Vienna congress, the powers that defeated Napoleon-Russia, Great Britain, Prussia and Austria draw a new geopolitical map of Europe with […]

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    Sample Essay on Boxer Rebellion Timeline

    Boxer Rebellion The Boxer rebellion took place in the 1900’s in China. It has some interesting parallels to 21st century events. The rebellion was an uprising in non-western country against what was viewed as the corrupt influence of western ideologies and practices. Grass root organizations at the time were fighting against what they saw as […]

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    Sample Essay on Austro Prussian Seven Weeks War

    Austro Prussian Seven Weeks War The Austro Prussian seven weeks war, also known as the Unification war, German Civil War, Prussian German War was a 1866 war fought between the German Confederation which was under the leadership of Austrian Empire and German allies on one side and Prussia Kingdom with Italy and German allies on […]

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  • essaysexperts45

    Sample Essay on Apartheid Timeline

    Apartheid Timeline May 1948 After the general election of 1948, apartheid begins. The National Party in order to get votes from White Africans promises to make laws that prohibit the rights of black people once they win the election. The National Party wins after defeating the United Party marking the start of apartheid. The apartheid […]

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    Sample Essay on Anglo Zulu War

    Anglo Zulu War Anglo Zulu war was between the Zulu Kingdom and British Empire fought in 1879. Following the successful introduction of federation in Canada by Lord Carnarvon, it was assumed that a similar political effort together with military campaigns might work for the tribal areas, Boer republics in SA and African Kingdoms. Sir Henry […]

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    Sample Essay on Anglo Zulu War Timeline

    Anglo Zulu War Anglo Zulu War is known for the bloody Rorke’s Drift and Isandlwana battles of 1879 that saw the invasion of independent Zululand (present day SA) by more than 15,000 British troops. The buildup to the war began in 1877 when British colonial administrator, Sir Henry Frere was sent to Cape Town to […]

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    Sample Essay on Boer War Timeline

    Boer War Timeline History is replete with documented wars, which took place decades and centuries ago. While some of these wars may have been forgotten, they played a major role in shaping some current political landscapes. Importantly, these wars were influential depending on the parties involved and the aftermath of the battles. In this essay, […]

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